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Product Focus: Klime-Ezee Steps & Access Platforms

10 Mar 2022CCS Garage Equipment has partnered with British mobile steps and access platforms manufacturer Klime-Ezee, supplying a quality range of certified access products to our workshop clients across the UK and Ireland.
CCS Garage Equipment supplies mobile steps & access platforms by Klime-EzeeCCS Garage Equipment supplies mobile steps & access platforms by Klime-Ezee
Established in 1992 like ourselves, Klime-Ezee takes pride in designing and manufacturing quality mobile step and access platform products for use across a wide range of businesses and sectors where team members are regularly working at height. From libraries and museum archives to heavy industrial settings, Klime-Ezee’s tried and tested range is an essential safety product which is customisable according to your operational needs.Klime-Ezee is ISO9001:2015-certified, operating to high standards to deliver incredibly versatile mobile step and access platform products quickly that make working environments safer, compliant and more efficient.All products are delivered fully-assembled and ready for use.5-year guarantee & free delivery on all made-to-order Klime-Ezee products!

Klime-Ezee mobile steps & access platforms: Product range

Narrow Aisle Pro Mobile Steps

Narrow Aisle Pro Mobile StepsIdeal for tighter spaces where access is narrower, such as warehouse, racking or office areas. Safe working load of 300KG. Platform height between 500-2000mm and a platform size of 450 (W) x 400 (D) mm.

Lightweight Mobile Steps

Lightweight Mobile StepsManufactured with lightweight 19mm tubing, these mobile steps are really versatile and can be manoeuvred with ease by your team. Safe working load of 300KG. Platform height between 500-1500mm and a platform size of 550 (W) v 400 (D) mm.

Industrial Mobile Steps

Industrial Mobile StepsKlime-Ezee’s original best seller, these all-rounder mobile steps make a great addition to your workshop floor, stores and maintenance areas. Safe working load of 300KG. Platform height between 750-3750mm and a platform size of 550 (W) x 400 (D) mm.

Knock-Down Mobile Steps

Knock-Down Mobile StepsWhere space is at a premium, knock-down mobile steps are assembled and de-assembled before and after use for easier storage and better access to areas with limited entrance space. Safe working load of 300KG. Platform height between 1250-4000mm and a platform size of 550 (W) x 400 (D) mm.

Extra-Wide Mobile Steps

Extra-Wide Mobile StepsA wider version of the Industrial Mobile Steps range, larger tread width creates more space and a more comfortable working area on the platform. Safe working load of 300KG. Platform height between 500-3750mm and a platform size of 700 (W) x 400 (D) mm.

Heavy Duty Mobile Steps

Heavy Duty Mobile StepsWith a safe working load of 500KG and larger platform area, these heavy duty mobile steps provide a safe access platform for working at height with heavier loads. Manufactured from heavy duty tube and box section. Platform height between 1250-3750mm and a platform size of 700 (W) x 600 (D) mm.

Truck Dock Mobile Steps & Access Platforms

Access PlatformsThe 45-degree angle and large working platform area makes for safe ascent and descent, particularly when loading or unloading vehicles. Heavy-duty safe working load of 500KG. Platform height between 1000-1800mm and a platform size of 700 (W) x 1200 (D) mm.

Access Platforms

Truck Dock Mobile Steps & Access PlatformsA heavy-duty access platform and mobile step unit with a safe working load of 500KG and strengthened treads, this unit also comprises an extra-long platform and side platform access for safe working, loading and unloading in many workshops and other working environments. Platform height between 500-2000mm and a platform size of 700 (W) x 1600 (D) mm.Contact us for full product recommendations & specifications to suit your workshop.

Customisable mobile steps & access platforms

Klime-Ezee products are customisable according to your workshop’s specific operational or working area needs, creating bespoke safe spaces for your team to work at height.

Optional mobile step and access platform product features include:

  • Central or side brakes: Great safety features which prevent use of steps when mobile and secure products once positioned. 
  • Lift & Push system: Extended handrails for ease of movement when adjusting the position of steps. 
  • Plunger castors: A standard on smaller mobile steps, 4 swivel castors fully rotate for great handling in tighter spaces. 
  • Rear platforms: Access chains, lifting bars and gates, and options to increase working platforms for loading and unloading, maintenance or stores. 
  • Platform entrance & no access options: Chains and gates to prevent access to the platform as required, and to create a safer and more secure platform for those working at height for longer. 
  • Side platform units: Access platforms and mobile steps providing side access to vehicles, stores, maintenance areas or other areas at height with side chains, gates, double gates, lifting bars or fully-removable sides for easy and secure access.

Work at height safely with CCS Garage Equipment & Klime-Ezee

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were introduced to prevent death and injury caused by falling from height.Employers and those controlling personnel working at height – for example, building owners with sub-contractors or facilities managers – are required to ensure that work at height is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people.Obligations include the requirement to use the right equipment following a risk assessment.Find out more about the Work at Height Regulations in our advisory article.

Order your customised mobile steps & access platforms with CCS Garage Equipment

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Order your Klime-Ezee mobile steps & access platforms from CCS Garage Equipment – 5-year guarantee on every product!

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