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Why the Garage Equipment Association?

As one of the industry’s longest-standing independent Associations, established in 1945, the Garage Equipment Association continually strives to find new ways to support member companies and ensure their views are heard.

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Julian E Woods

Chief Executive

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Jason Upton

Trade Group

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Tracy Lewis

Vice President
V L Testing UK

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Neil Ebbs

Maha Uk

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Chris Hodder

Past President
Majorlift Hydraulics Ltd

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Ross Tabor

Board Member
Boston Garage Equipment

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Marc Tew

Board Member
Premier Garage Equipment Ltd

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Tony Gill

Board Member
Opus IVS Ltd

The GARAGE Equipment Association

Services We Provide

As a member of the Garage Equipment Association, not only will you be kept fully informed about what’s happening in the Garage Equipment Industry, you can view the full list of benefits we offer our members.

When a subject arises which would be of value to members. As a member you will always be given notice of future schedules and indeed, we welcome your input on potential areas for coverage.

Through our regular email updates, you will be informed of legislative, or other changes and implications to particular areas of the market. All publicity and information, we think would be of interest, will be forwarded to you in this way. As a GEA member, you’ll be among the first to know.

Full members have free access to our legal and employment helpline.
Contact us to find out more or simply complete our online application form to become a member of the GEA today.

Members are manually provided with a password, which unlocks our ‘Member only’ technical library.
Non-members get limited access but as a full GEA member you get exclusive to all published technical documents.