Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities in the Garage Equipment Industry:

Welcome to the dynamic world of Garage Equipment, where opportunities abound for professionals seeking diverse and rewarding jobs. The Garage Equipment Association (GEA) is your gateway to a multitude of job openings within this thriving sector, offering a range of roles that cater to varied skill sets and interests.

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Not sure what’s the best career path for you? Not seeing the position you’re looking for? Then try contacting the association office directly, as many members offer training and development opportunities to gain entry into our great industry.

Example Industry positions

Equipment Sales:

For those with a flair for persuasion and a passion for the latest technological advancements in garage equipment, Sales roles are plentiful. As an equipment Sales professional, you’ll be at the forefront, connecting with clients, understanding their needs, and providing them with cutting-edge solutions.

Equipment Installation:

The backbone of the industry lies in the seamless installation of garage equipment. If you possess technical expertise and hands-on skills, a career in equipment installation awaits you. Ensure that automotive workshops and service centers are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to enhance their operational efficiency.

Service and Calibrations:

Garage equipment requires regular maintenance and precise calibrations to ensure optimal performance. Professionals in Service and Calibrations play a crucial role in guaranteeing the longevity and accuracy of the equipment.


Behind every successful industry, there is a strong administrative foundation. From managing day-to-day operations to handling finances and logistics, administrative roles are vital to keep the wheels of the garage equipment industry turning smoothly.


If you have a knack for promoting products and services, a career in marketing within the garage equipment industry could be your calling. Craft compelling campaigns, engage with potential clients, and contribute to the industry’s growth through strategic marketing initiatives.

Technical Advisors:

For those who love solving technical challenges and providing expert guidance, a role as a Technical Advisor might be the perfect fit. Assist clients in making informed decisions about the best garage equipment solutions for their specific needs.

Logistics and Site Surveys:

Efficient logistics and precise site surveys are essential components of successful garage equipment projects. Professionals in these roles ensure that equipment reaches its destination on time and that installations are carried out seamlessly.

Management Roles:

Begin your journey in the garage equipment industry, and you may find yourself climbing the job ladder into management positions. Leadership roles await those with the vision and skills to guide teams and drive organisational success.

Product Design and Project Management:

For the innovators and visionaries, the garage equipment industry opens doors to roles in product design and project management. Contribute to the development of cutting-edge equipment and oversee projects from conception to completion.