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Mission Statement & Member Codes of Good Practice at GEA

  • Mission Statement: The GEA aims to represent members within the Automotive Industry, maintain garage equipment standards, and ensure member compliance with National and European standards.

  • Code of Practice: Members must adhere to the Code, which covers sales, installation, warranty, inspection, service, advertising, and complaints handling.

  • Member Obligations: Members are required to be knowledgeable about equipment and its applications, and must meet legislative obligations for any work undertaken.

  • Customer Assurance: The GEA ensures that members provide quality equipment and services, comply with safety standards, and maintain full insurance coverage.

Codes of Conduct – Engineers’ Role on Customer Premises: GEA Guidelines:

Within the broader Code of Conduct, the GEA also provides specific guidelines for professionals working on customer premises, particularly engineers. This section emphasizes the importance of maintaining ethical standards while delivering services.

The GEA guidelines for engineers working on customer premises include:

  • Respect for Customer Property: Engineers must treat customer property with care and respect, ensuring no damage or unauthorized access.

  • Professionalism: Engineers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times.

  • Confidentiality: Engineers must maintain the confidentiality of customer information and business processes.

  • Compliance with Laws: Engineers must adhere to all relevant laws and regulations when providing services on customer premises.

By adhering to these guidelines, GEA members ensure that ethical practices are maintained even in the field, ultimately contributing to a trustworthy and responsible business environment.

The GEA Codes of Conduct are a testament to the association’s commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. These codes, including the Member Code of Good Practice and specific guidelines for professionals like engineers, ensure that GEA Members in the UK uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and fairness. By embracing these principles, the GEA fosters a culture of ethical conduct that benefits both its members and the broader business community. Contact us for any type of automotive services or querys.

Mission Statement & Member Code Of Good Practice

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