Wheel alignment lifts for total wheel alignment accuracy


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15 Nov 2021Whether space-saving scissor lifts or 4-post lifts for heavy-duty servicing, wheel alignment lifts allow for total wheel alignment accuracy in your dealership’s servicing department.

Wheel alignment vehicle lifts for total wheel alignment servicing in your dealership, Supplied, installed and commissioned by CCS Garage Equipment, wheel alignment lifts make a great addition to your dealership’s servicing department. By improving accuracy and vehicle access during servicing, wheel alignment is efficient, revenue-enhancing and improves the safety of your customers’ vehicles on the road. CCS Garage Equipment engineers install your wheel alignment vehicle lift at your dealership in the UK or Ireland, providing essential training to your workshop team to get the most out of your investment and to ensure operational safety when using your lifts during day-to-day servicing work. With ongoing testing, maintenance and routine examinations, CCS is your dealership’s wheel alignment lift specialist

Wheel alignment scissor lifts

The wheel alignment scissor lift is a great option in tighter spaces, offering an excellent alternative to fixed-post vehicle lifts. Available with a range of options, features include:
  • Safe mechanical locking with automatic engagement and pneumatic release for optimum safety levels when raised
  • Self-lubricating bushings on all pivot points for durable vehicle lift construction
  • Accessible centre with no cross rails or torsion bars between platforms
  • Patented hydraulic synchronisation ensures constant levelling of platforms no matter how weight is distributed
  • Perfect self-levelling at floor level with patented valve feature
  • Minimum platform height of 155mm for easy access, including access for cars with low spoilers and profiles
  • Model options include built-in wheel free lift with adjustable extensions, longer platforms, flat platforms and adjustable extensions

Wheel alignment fixed 4-post lifts

Ideal for heavy-duty use, fixed-post wheel alignment lifts are robust, versatile and available in high-specification models that are suitable for both cars and light commercial vehicles. Features include:
  • Electro-hydraulic 4-post wheel alignment vehicle lifts with protected hydraulic cylinder set inside the fixed platform
  • Total wheel alignment with front turning plates and rear slip plates
  • Galvanised, pre-stretched metal cables
  • Large-diameter pulleys with self-lubricating bushes for maintenance-free care
  • Automatic back-up safety with pneumatic release for stationary operation
  • Safety stud devices which trigger immediately in case of a cable failure
  • Model options include flat platforms, extra-long platforms and adjustable wheel-free lift platforms

Order wheel alignment scissor lifts & fixed 4-post lifts from CCS Garage Equipment!

Professionally installed, tested and commissioned by CCS Garage Equipment’s engineers across the UK and Ireland, wheel alignment lifts are cared for through our scheduled routine maintenance and examinations aftercare to keep your dealership’s new equipment operating safely and compliant with LOLER and PUWER regulations.