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Totalkare supplies McCance Transport with lifting and testing equipment


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Haulage company McCance Transport is set to benefit from a completely mobile workshop by introducing a Totalkare mobile brake tester and column lifts. McCance Transport is a specialist haulage company from Plummers Plain in West Sussex, with HGV engineering and heavy recovery expertise via their in-house fleet and workshop that enables them to be a one-stop service provider for all of transportation and customer fleet support needs. Maintaining the vehicle fleets under their care effectively is crucial to the ongoing success of the business. With the introduction of a Totalkare mobile brake tester, time and costs will be significantly reduced without the need for travelling to a local test centre to perform brake tests on their vehicles. Our mobile brake tester is DVSA-approved and can accommodate up to 20,000kg per axle and a number of wheelbases up to 4,000mm. The brake tester comes with a tablet device which uses a virtual display to show all the readings of the test, and a touchscreen-based remote control, enabling brake tests to be conducted from the driver’s seat in a matter of minutes. In addition, McCance Transport has introduced a pre-owned set of mobile column lifts from Totalkare for additional flexibility in the workshop. All pre-owned Totalkare mobile column lifts are steam cleaned, stripped and then repaired to the highest standards by our skilled in-house Totalkare engineers. If necessary, components such as load nuts, motor gearboxes, switches and cables are replaced. The lifts are then load tested and inspected before an independent engineer carries out a Report of Thorough Examination to ensure they meet LOLER requirements before leaving our workshop. All pre-owned Totalkare mobile column lifts come with six months’ parts and labour warranty for your peace of mind. “With a fleet of vehicles that needed testing more frequently, upgrading our workshop with a mobile brake tester and mobile column lifts was a no-brainer. It is a more cost-effective method for us and will increase our productivity from the outset” said Alistair McCance, owner of McCance Transport. “McCance Transport was impressed with Totalkare’s reputation and professional approach in helping them to decide on the ideal pieces of equipment for their new workshop,” said John Ray, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare, “Our mobile brake tester is a robust and flexible solution which can test a high number of vehicles per day, along with our mobile column lifts which are easily manoeuvrable, enabling work to be carried out in multiple bays within a workshop or simply put away to create additional workspace when not in use.”


Get a quick indication of the cost savings available with our easy-to-use brake tester savings calculator or call us for a quotation.