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MOT Testing: A million MOTs each month for the remainder of 2021!


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Despite the calls from the DVSA for vehicle owners to bring forward their MOT to the Spring of 2021, it seems the backlog for MOT testing could exceed one million MOTs per month for the rest of the year, thanks to the MOT exemption. During the months of March to July 2020, a decrease of over 5.3 million MOT tests was seen compared to the same period in 2019. A year on from one of the craziest years of most of our lives, MOT tests have resumed, and companies such as Continental Tyres are predicting huge increases in testing throughout some of the Autumn and Winter months:
  • 23% in September
  • 42% in November
  • 51% in December
Tracey Mortimer, Continental Tyres consumer sales director UK, said: “Traditionally, there is a fairly consistent demand for MOT testing across the year. For example, between three and 3.5 million MOTs were conducted each month during 2018 and 2019, with only slight peaks in demand in March and September linked to new car registrations, and a slight dip in tests in December. “The postponements to millions of MOTs in 2020 has now created a new seasonal demand curve, which is likely to take over 10 years to return to pre-2020 levels.”

Preparation for UK garages…

Workshops across the UK are beginning to think about how they can prepare for an incredible increase in demand for MOT servicing, without overwhelming their staff or their garage equipment. Although the automotive industry has seen numerous increases in servicing demand over the past 12 months, many garages have not made the necessary steps to future proof their equipment, services or their business’ future – and now they are starting to feel the pressure. For some business owners, this is a step into the unknown but this increase could be too much for their services to handle; MOT equipment breakdowns and staff exhaustion are two key areas that will need to be carefully considered leading up to this vital point in the year. Unfortunately, we at Hofmann Megaplan can’t manage your staff for you – however, our specialist MOT division can help you increase the efficiency of your MOT services, whilst providing expert MOT equipment. Find out more online at https://www.hofmann-megaplan.co.uk/products/atl-mot or call our team on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss your requirements.