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Car tyre changers are devices that help to change the tyres on your car. They come in various types and sizes, and their features vary widely. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the different types of car tyre changers and their features.

Manual Tyre Changers

Manual tyre changers are the cheapest, most basic type of tyre changers. They consist of a base, a spindle, and a tyre mounting tool. The spindle is used to mount the tyre, while the mounting tool is used to separate the tyre from the rim. The base simply keeps the device stable while you work.

Semi-Automatic Tyre Changers

Semi-automatic tyre changers are a step up from manual tyre changers. They feature a motorised spindle that makes it easier to mount and dismount tyres. Semi-automatic tyre changers also usually feature a bead breaker which pushes the tyre away from the rim and that helps to loosen the rubber tyre (breaking the bead) before removal.

Fully Automatic Tyre Changers

Fully automatic tyre changers are the most advanced type of tyre changers. They are fully motorised and require little physical effort to operate. Fully automatic tyre changers can mount and dismount tyres quickly and efficiently.

Mobile tyre changers

Mobile tyre changers are a convenient and efficient way to change tyres on the go. These devices are designed to be transported easily and can be set up quickly at the site of the job. Mobile tyre changers are often the same tyre changers used in garages and workshops but are fitted into the back of a mobile tyre fitting van and powered from the vehicle battery by way of an electrical inverter and split charging system.

What Is the Best Tyre Changing Machine?

There are many different types of tyre-changing machines available today. Some are designed for professional use while others are made for smaller applications including domestic use. The tyre changer that is best for you depends on what type of vehicles you plan to work on, the number of tyres you intend to be changing, whether you have a commercial garage, high-street car MOT Bay or simply tyre sales as well as what both your budget and your personal preferences are.

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