Calibration of Roller Brake Testers and Headlight Beam Testers


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At the moment in the UK, there are several garages working with older, uncalibrated MOT Equipment, such as garage lifts, headlamp beam testers (HBT), emissions units and roller brake testers (RBT). With upcoming changes to the DVSA regulations likely to impact the garage rights to self-calibrate such equipment many may be forced to consider the removal of such equipment, and replacement with new, connected MOT equipment. However, before committing to this potentially expensive exploit, if it’s still in working condition and the ownership of the MOT Bay has not changed hands recently, you should always consider the lesser cost of calibrating your older equipment.

Specialists in MOT Equipment Calibration

Concept Garage Equipment specialises in MOT Bays for Garages, including the installation and calibration of all MOT Bay equipment, including but not restricted to, Garage Lifts, Emissions Testers, Roller Brake Testers (RBT) and  Headlight Beam Testers.

If you have a new or used RBT or HBT unit that needs calibration, please give Concept GE a call today on 0113 469 0572.