8 ways to increase your garage profits


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We all know that running a garage or MOT testing station can be hard at the best of times, but at the moment with heavily increased energy bills and winter weather starting to bite we are all looking to save money in any way we can.

Thankfully as a garage owner, there are many things you can do not only to save costs but also to increase turnover and retain profits in the business.

Here are a number of top tips that may help.

  1. Optimise opening times, close at quiet times to save energy costs
  2. Replace lighting with LED to reduce electricity costs
  3. Remind customers when their MOT is due to increase repeat business and improve customer service
  4. Schedule customer’s annual car service and remind them when it is due
  5. Buy garage consumables in bulk to reduce costs
  6. Upgrade the services you offer such as run flat tyres, DiagnosticsTPMS or ADAS Calibration
  7. Add an MOT bay to your garage, check the ROI on this investment using our handy MOT bay profit calculator
  8. Get money off your next garage equipment or MOT Bay package from Concept Garage Equipment

If you would like to learn more, please read our full blog post about how to increase your garage profits.

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