5 Things To Think About Before Buying A 2 Post Lift


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Choosing the correct 2 Post Lift can be tricky due to many suppliers in the market. Therefore, it’s important to consider several factors before purchasing one for your workshop. V-Tech have put together 5 things which are good to consider prior to making the investment into vehicle lifts.


Remember that garage equipment, like a 2 Post Lift requires designated space within your workshop. To ensure that it fits perfectly within your workshop plan, it’s best to first measure the space you have to work with to ensure that the 2 post lift will fit. The last thing you want to do is purchase the equipment, only to find out later that it doesn’t fit within the space you’ve allocated for it.If you speak to one of V-Tech\’s Sales Representatives they will be more than happy to come to your site to help you measure up and give you the best advice on which lift would suit your workshop space and needs.


Before buying a vehicle lift it’s important to understand your exact needs. This will help you to analyse which type of capacity you need your lift to hold. Whether that be 2.5 tonne, 4 tonne, 5 tonne or 6 tonne.If you’re not sure of which type of capacity would suit your needs best, you can get a rough idea by the break down below.Up to 2.5 tonne – Passenger vehicles onlyUp to 4 tonne – Passenger vehicles and light commercial vansUp to 5 tonne – Passenger vehicles and commercial vansUp to 6 tonne – Passenger vehicles, light commercial vans and bigger commercial vehicles


A lot of the time, Workshop Owners tend to compromise on quality to get the best priced lifts. However, this should not be the case. There are lifts out there which are not only affordable, but which are of fantastic quality too. You can have it all when you shop at the right place. V-Tech spokesperson said \”we take great pride in providing UK Workshops with some of the best quality garage equipment which suit each individuals budget\”. All of V-Tech\’s automotive equipment, including their 2 post lifts are manufactured in various countries within Europe, using only the best quality materials. They went onto explain how their lifts have \”been designed to be a long-lasting part of your workshop\”.


A lot of Workshop Owners tend to buy lifts from suppliers which are most competitive in price. We understand that price matters, however supplier support and convenience also matters too. In the likelihood that months or years down the line you may need to get hold of spare parts or consumables for the lift, it’s important to be able to rely on your original supplier for this. Unfortunately, not all suppliers are able to offer this. Therefore, this is something to bare in mind when purchasing a 2 post lift. If you have a lift which requires specific parts which can’t be found or bought anywhere else this could cause obvious issues for you and your workshop. Fortunately garage equipment suppliers like V-Tech can supply a wide range of spare parts and consumables, making sure that their customers lifts are never out of action for too long.


As a professional end to end leader in the automotive industry, V-Tech offer full equipment installation, training, and UK aftercare support. So, rest assured you\’re in safe hands with their nationwide and experienced team.Now that you’ve considered some of the main points of investing in a 2 Post Lift, you can speak to the team at V-Tech who can talk you through all the options they have available to suit your specific workshop needs.Call 0208 498 1288 or email [email protected]