Workshop Safety: Safety barrier installation to prevent falls in your vehicle workshop


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CCS installs safety barriers in commercial vehicle workshop to protect workshop engineers and prevent falls.
Workshop safety: CCS Garage Equipment installs safety barriers for fall prevention in vehicle workshop Workshop safety: CCS Garage Equipment installs safety barriers for fall prevention in vehicle workshop
Workshop safety is at the heart of CCS Garage Equipment, and our garage equipment installation and workshop refurbishment projects are driven by a continual need for greater safety in settings which often present multiple risks to vehicle maintenance engineers and operatives. This recent project for an established CCS client in Belfast featured installation of safety barriers around vehicle inspection pits in a busy commercial vehicle workshop. The safety barriers we specified were simple but effective, creating a permanent barrier around the pit to prevent falls and protecting the working area and garage equipment from damage or other accidents.

Safety barriers installed for transport & logistics organisation in Northern Ireland

CCS has worked with our transport and logistics, truck sales and transport industry services client in Northern Ireland for a number of years, providing garage equipment installation, servicing and maintenance support for vehicle workshops which serve a wide range of commercial vehicles from heavy goods trucks and trailers to local authority vehicles, construction equipment and smaller trucks and vans. Workshops are busy, with excellent ‘up time’ a must to keep our client’s range of services fully operational. As a result, workshop safety to protect mechanics, engineers, vehicles and equipment is essential. Our recent project featured a high-visibility fixed safety barrier, together with retractable tapes which are closed off when the pit or equipment is not in use. Retractable tapes may also be used when the pit is occupied by engineers during routine maintenance and inspections, signalling that the pit is not to be accessed. Safety Barrier Installation by CCS in Northern IrelandSafety Barrier retractable tape installation

Safety barrier installation for team & equipment protection in vehicle workshops

As well as providing essential fall prevention for engineers, mechanics and operatives moving around the workshop, CCS Garage Equipment’s safety barrier installation protects the commercial vehicle inspection pit and its working area, tachograph bay, brake and headlight testers. Vehicles moving around the workshop are prevented from entering this high-risk area, avoiding potential damage to valuable equipment and helping to keep the workshop fully operational.

Workshop compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005

Safety barrier installation is one of a range of methods used by CCS to enhance workshop safety for our clients when working at height or where there is a risk of falling. Under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, the HSE requires workshops to identify whether – if you can’t prevent your team working at height – you can minimise the risk of a fall occurring. A system such as our Belfast safety barrier installation provides a safe working area for the rest of the workshop, coupled with high-visibility floor paint to indicate risk for operatives working within the inspection pit area. Find out more about the Work at Height Regulations 2005 in our Workshop Guide Safety Barrier Vehicle Workshop Installation

Vehicle workshop safety equipment by CCS in the UK & Ireland

For 30 years, CCS has delivered complete garage equipment, inspection, testing, calibration and safety services to commercial and dealership workshop clients throughout the UK and Ireland. From installation of industry-leading vehicle lifts designed for durability, ease of use and excellent operational safety to routine maintenance, servicing, repair, LOLER and PUWER testing to ensure workshop regulatory compliance, and installation of garage equipment and services such as flooring refurbishment and safety barriers, CCS Garage Equipment is your workshop’s complete garage equipment services partner.

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