What is the best diagnostic machine to buy?


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If you are a garage, workshop, MOT Bay or mobile mechanic then having a car diagnostic machine is an essential part of your toolbox. With almost all modern cars having elements controlled and monitored by the car’s computer and ODB system, the diagnosis of a problem can be done much faster, or sometimes can only really be determined by the use of a car diagnostic tool. There are a lot of diagnostic tools to choose from, however, we sell some of the major brands of diagnostic scanners, and to an extent, the best diagnostic machine for your garage may differ from others depending on your requirements. For example, if it’s a simple and reasonably priced scanner you are looking for then the TOPDON UK Pheonix Lite2 is an excellent choice, as it comes with the OBD and OBDII can perform full system diagnostics for over 200 vehicle makes including VAG vehicles (VW, Audi) and currently comes with 2 years of subscriptions. The TOPDON UK Lite 2 also supports special functions for several car brands, including Add/Replace Key Fobs, Battery Sensor Module learning, and Tyre Pressure Sensors Learning. At the other end of the scale is the Hella Gutmann Mega Macs X diagnostics machine. Different from many other diagnostics scanners not only with their revolutionary looks, but this one can connect wirelessly to an external display such as a tablet, notebook or PC. It has inductive charging technology, and diagnostic scanning starts with either a wizard or simply by scanning a QR code. With the addition of the optional MT-USB, you can seamlessly turn it into a two-channel multimeter for voltage measurements of up to 60V, as well as current and resistance measurements, so saving on additional workshop tools since it’s all built into this robust beast of a diagnostic machine.

Need help choosing a Vehicle Diagnostic Tool?

If you are considering purchasing a car diagnostic machine for your garage, view our selection online or speak to our sales team at Concept Garage Equipment on 0113 469 0572. We sell Car Diagnostic Machines from leading manufacturers TOPDON UKBosch and Otofix but if there is anything you need that you can’t see on our website or you need some specific help or advice then please call our friendly sales team today. All our product prices include FREE delivery as well and we offer a wide range of payment options, including payment via iwoca over 3 or up to 12 monthly instalments! https://concept-ge.co.uk/