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AK Auto Service is a workshop established in 2020 to cater to drivers and businesses in the Brentwood area. The team behind AK Auto Service has a deep love for cars and engines, though they cannot decide on their favourites, so you might be there for a while if you ask them to choose.

They are passionate about cars and bring that same passion into their work. As professional mechanics, they are skilled, careful, and quick, with over 40 years of mechanical expertise. The team at AK Auto Service also has a special place in their hearts for German motors, which is apparent in their work on these vehicles. They have an established reputation for working on Mercedes Sprinters and often have them in their workshop.

Exterior photograph of AK Auto Services

AK Auto Service quickly gained a reputation as the workshop of choice for drivers seeking excellent value and service. Realising their customers required a comprehensive range of services, they wanted to expand their offering. They had already installed Tecalemit lifts in their workshop, so they sought our assistance to establish themselves as an MOT test centre.

The team sat down with their local Tecalemit Area Sales Manager and discussed their options. As larger commercial vehicles made up a good part of their business, a Class 7 ATL bay would be the best option. They also decided that choosing a scissor lift would give them better flexibility to handle larger vehicles alongside cars and smaller vans. By not having a 4-post lift, the MOT bay would have fewer limitations on vehicle widths than some other sites.Interior photograph showing AK Auto Services new MOT bay

The Tecalemit SF/9064/EV has been developed to meet the DVSA’s Class 7 MOT specification for ATL and OPTL testing. The lift platforms have been designed to accommodate the hydraulically operated wheel play detectors and the bearing-mounted radius plates. Both these items are installed flush with the platform surface, allowing for easy vehicle movement along the entire length of the lift platform.

Combined with Tecalemit’s DE/9719 ATL brake tester, which is simple to use and highly accurate, AK Auto Service was fully equipped to handle anything their customers were likely to bring them. With the assistance of Tecalemit, their VTS01 was submitted, and the DVSA granted ‘Approval In Principal’. All that remained was to get everything installed and signed off so that AK Auto Service could start offering MOT tests.

Interior photograph of AK Auto Service with a large van on the MOT lift

With the groundwork completed, all the required equipment was delivered and installed swiftly by our expert engineers. Our installations team coordinated everything, meaning AK Auto Service knew the exact timeframe for everything. Installation completed, they quickly achieved final sign-off from the DVSA and began testing.

Tecalemit would like to thank the team at AK Auto Service for choosing us to equip their workshop and wish them the best for the future. If you want to learn about the benefits of having a Tecalemit MOT bay, contact us today.

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