Supertracker unveils new laser wheel aligner demo


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  • New demonstrator video showcases simple, fast, accurate wheel alignment
  • A British icon of straightforward garage technology
  • Fast return on investment for garages
Supertracker, the UK’s well known wheel alig­­­nment manufacturer, has unveiled a new explainer video that provides a step-by-step guide to using its trusted, cordless STR1 range of laser aligners. As the automotive industry develops at pace, this demo video will help support garages in making informed decisions about the equipment they use and provides expert instruction and benefits of the alignment system.   A step-by-step guide The video, which is less than four minutes in length, has been produced to offer busy garage owners straightforward, instructional content that gets right to the point, that they can consume in their own time, without salespeople knocking at their door. Technicians will learn how to quickly set up the laser aligner on any four-post platform lift, platform scissor lift, on a level surface, over a pit or on 2-Post lifts using Supertracker alignment tables.   The STR1 laser aligner is a convenient, durable cordless system with hangers to fit wheels up to 24”. The system features rechargeable batteries that allow the measuring heads to be conveniently charged from the unit when not in use and is available either as a trolley or a wall-hung half cab as a space-saving option.   Creating new business opportunities So why now? The road network in the UK has come under huge strain from a cold winter that has caused a nationwide pothole problem. The impact of potholes on vehicles includes possible premature uneven tyre wear, reduction in handling, reduction in fuel economy and increased wear on suspension components.  This directly impacts the public, who may need to have their cars checked by their garage service provider more frequently, placing more importance on garage owners having their own wheel alignment equipment to offer convenient services.   First installs and replacement Independent garages, MOT stations, dealerships and fast-fit centres alike require reliable, robust and easy-to-use wheel alignment machines that get the job done. Laser aligners work by using laser beam reflected onto a scale to measure the wheels in line with manufacturer specification. They are proven to be a reliable, accurate and cost-effective solution for garages needing to either install their first wheel aligner or replace an existing unit, due to its simplicity requiring minimal training to operate.   No need to outsource Not every garage has the kit on-site to offer wheel alignment checks and must outsource. Now, with Supertracker’s laser aligners, there’s no reason to outsource the service.   Managing Director Andrew Bates said: “Thousands of workshops in the UK use and rely on Supertracker tools every day. Many franchise dealers, and fast fit operations use Supertracker in their workshops because they are cost-effective, robust, reliable, and quick and easy to use. We support our products with an onsite calibration and repair service. Spending tens of thousands of pounds on alignment equipment is not the only option for workshops. Supertracker alignment systems may be a gateway product into wheel alignment, but for the user they offer impressive income for a relatively small investment.   “This is not a rebranded product. There is only one Supertracker and it is British owned and manufactured,” he added. The laser aligner video can be viewed on the Supertracker website and YouTube Channel.   An MP4 of the video can be downloaded here: