Steps to setting up an MOT testing station


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Our MOT Bay Project Management service can take your business step by step from any stage of the process through to successful sign-off and completion of your MOT Bay on the first day you put your new MOT bay to use. If you have an empty unit, an existing garage you want to upgrade to do MOT testing, or have taken over an existing MOT Bay that needs upgrading or connecting to DVSA we can project manage any of these scenarios for you.

Steps to setting up an MOT testing station

These are the main steps to getting up and running as an MOT testing station:
  1. Initial site visit to measure up for an MOT bay
  2. MOT equipment selection
  3. MOT Workshop Layout
  4. CAD Drawings & Site Plans
  5. DVSA VT01 application for Agreement in Principle (AIP)
  6. Liaise with contractors
  7. Book or complete MOT tester or manager course (AEDM) – as long as booked can get VT01 passed
  8. MOT equipment supply, installation, calibration and staff training
  9. VT01-D for final DVSA sign off
  10. Commence MOT testing
  11. MOT Annual Assessments

Special notes about the DVSA VT01 application form

The DVSA VT01 form is the official document that must be completed to apply to set up or change an MOT test station, including becoming an Authorised Examiner (the person or business that runs it). Before you start to fill in your VT01 form you will need to set up an account on the DVSA MOT Testing Service system (MTS). Once it’s submitted with CAD drawings and all other required paperwork, the DVSA will look at the application and if everything is correct then it will be passed to your local Vehicle Examiner (AE). They will then issue you with an Agreement in Principle (AIP). This authorises you to commence with your project and the installation of the MOT equipment. For a thorough explanation see our blog post on how to complete the DVSA VT01 application. As long as the MOT tester or manager course (AEDM) is booked you can get the VT01 passed You need an MOT manager qualification course before you can become an Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM). Once you have decided who the AEDM will be you will now need to book the AEDM training course. We can take care of arranging this training for you at a time and location convenient to you. Once the course is completed, either you or the delegate will be issued a certificate. Although this isn’t required for your initial VT01 application, this can be included with your VT01 documents to support your application.

MOT Annual Assessments

As an MOT Tester, you must complete training and pass an annual MOT tester assessment between April and March every year, and you are at risk of your MOT tester status being suspended if you do not pass the annual MOT tester assessment by 31 March. Therefore, each year before the end of March, all MOT testers must complete the annual MOT CPD assessment training. This includes 3 hours of MOT annual training, each year and 16 hours in 5 years.

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We have detailed each of the steps to setting up and running an MOT Bay on the Concept Garage Equipment blog.

Would you like to discuss the project management of your MOT Bay?

If you are setting up a new MOT Bay, upgrading your existing MOT Equipment or have taken over an existing MOT Bay from another garage owner, you will be at the start of your MOT Bay project, equally, if you have been let down by another garage equipment company, we are quite used to picking up the reins and making good an MOT project that could otherwise go south. Simply give our sales team at Concept Garage Equipment a call today.  We can advise on the best and most appropriate next steps on your MOT Bay project, the MOT equipment you may need, and the MOT training required.  We will also advise if you need MOT-connected equipment depending on your MOT Bay setup and circumstances. We can offer you advice over the phone, so call us today at 0113 469 0572, we are here to help.