Project Update: National Express garage equipment installation


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CCS’s garage equipment installation at National Express’s new depot in Perry Barr, Birmingham is progressing.
Project Update: Garage equipment installation for National Express bus & coach workshop in Birmingham progressing Project Update: Garage equipment installation for National Express bus & coach workshop in Birmingham progressing
Having started work on site in the spring, CCS Garage Equipment’s state-of-the-art bus and coach workshop facility for National Express in Perry Barr, Birmingham is progressing well and approaching completion. Read our initial site update for more about our commercial garage equipment installation project for National Express, Birmingham

Latest garage equipment installation progress at National Express, Birmingham

Recent site images show the building’s completed structure and facade, and groundworks both internally and externally taking shape. This site comprises 4 large workshops in total, each equipped with the latest in garage equipment including lifts, inspection pits and complete workshop servicing. Internally, flooring and roller shutter doors are now in place, together with garage equipment installation by CCS including:
  • Compressed air systems
  • Lubrication & oil systems
  • Oil monitoring system
  • Hose reels
  • LEV fume extraction systems
Completion of garage workshop for bus and coach operator in BirminghamConstruction of 4 large garage workshops for public transport provider Exterior Structure of National Express New Workshop, Birmingham Exterior structure of National Express’s new bus & coach maintenance workshop in Birmingham Fit out of new vehicle workshop for National ExpressInstallation of vehicle workshop inspection pits suitable for bus and coach operator Internal Flooring for National Express Workshop, BirminghamCompleted internal flooring prior to garage equipment installation Completed Steel Fabricated Inspection Pits, National Express, BirminghamInstallation underway of commercial vehicle, steel fabricated inspection pits and commercial brake testers, bespoke-built for National Express Installation of Lubrication and LEV equipment, National Express WorkshopInstallation of lubrication and LEV equipment in place at National Express, Birmingham’s new commercial vehicle workshop Compressed Air Systems installed for Garage Equipment Workshop, BirminghamCompressed air systems ready for installation within the new National Express, Birmingham commercial vehicle workshop

Bespoke fume extraction system to enable in-house vehicle DPF regeneration

As part of our workshop installation design scheme, and comprised within our LEV extraction system, CCS created 2 bespoke fume extraction points to enable in-house vehicle DPF regeneration. Initiating the regneration process cleans the DPF, keeping National Express’ vehicles running and in good condition. This process requires vehicles to be run at heavy load within the workshop, generating heat for a sufficient length of time to burn off particulates deposited inside the filter. Our bespoke LEV system incorporates hoses and fans which can handle the high fume volumes and demands created by the regeneration process.

Oil monitoring system to improve management of workshop resources

CCS’ garage equipment installation for National Express includes a leading oil monitoring system which will benefit the client’s operations and improve the management of oil on each job. Bunded fuel storage tanks for bus and coach workshopFuel and oil storage tanks for new vehicle workshop facility in Birmingham Custom-designed fresh and waste oil tanks installed by CCS Garage Equipment at National Express, Birmingham  Oil monitoring and management systems help the workshop team to control the use of oil, keeping track of fluid which is dispensed to prevent unauthorised use, wastage and reduce costly errors. The technology is integrated with the workshop’s management system, enabling specific allocations to be given on each job, creating accurate usage records and to monitor stock levels. National Express will benefit from more efficient and more accurate fluid management, together with reduced wastage and misuse.

Commercial garage equipment installation for bus & coach maintenance workshops

With 30 years’ experience in garage equipment installation projects for commercial vehicle maintenance and servicing depots, CCS is a leading garage equipment partner for bus, coach and fleet vehicle operators in the UK and Ireland. Installed photo of newly installed garage equipment in commercial vehicle workshopNewly installed garage equipment for bus and coach operator based in Birmingham Hose reels, lubrication equipment and compressed air systems at National Express’ commercial vehicle workshop installation Creating modern, eye-catching and operationally efficient workshops, CCS Garage Equipment places safety at the heart of every project, protecting our client’s regulatory safety records as well as protecting workshop engineers and mechanics in a safe and enjoyable working environment. Photo shows workshop bays in new garage facilityPhoto shows workshop bays in new garage facility Samoa waste oil gravity and suction collection units during garage equipment installation at National Express, Birmingham Our large LEEA and GEA-accredited garage equipment team works with clients, architects and building contractors to create bespoke commercial vehicle workshops for busy fleet operators and dealerships, including national retailers, logistics and distribution handlers, sales depots, local authority workshops and many other commercial settings.

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