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Looking for a 2-Post lift to meet the needs of Electric Vehicles?


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With electric vehicle car registrations increasing significantly its becoming more and more important to gear up your workshop up for the servicing of Electric Vehicles.According to SMMT report 190,727 new BEVs joined Britain’s roads, along with 114,554 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), meaning 18.5 per cent of all new cars registered in 2021 can be plugged in. But what does this mean for car servicing? What equipment do car garages need to service EVs effectively?The 2-Post lift is one of the crucial pieces of equipment in any garage, but very few 2-Post lifts meet the requirements of a mechanic needing to service an Electrical vehicle. This is due to the position at which the lift holds the car in the air, which can restrict access to the battery.The electro-mechanical 2-post lift SDE2357EV from Space is the ideal solution for garages wanting to set up a universal work bay. The innovative low-profile arms with rotating terminal offer incredibly flexible use, making the lift suitable for lifting all types of vehicles – from the standard city cars to sports cars – including the most modern electric vehicles.What makes the Space 2-Post lift the ideal solution for Electric Vehicles?This lift has special articulated pad ends and jointed arms to make battery repair work and servicing of EV\’s much easier. The movement flexibility of the arms provides direct access to the battery pack for its removal operations. The automatic arm locking system provides utmost safety and stability for the operator.With a lifting capacity of 3.5T and a maximum height of 3876mm, the SDE2357EV could just be the lift you need in your modern workshop.Space lifts including the SDE2357EV is available via Straightset, the garage equipment experts, with over 30 years experience in workshop solutions. View the product information on their website here and add to quote for a quick and convenient quotation direct to your inbox, alternatively you can contact our sales teams on 01909 480055 or [email protected] for more information.