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As a garage owner or mechanic you probably already know what TPMS is, but if you do not, then you are missing out on a huge potential stream of revenue for your business.  Since any cars with registrations from late 2014 and 2015 that come to you for tyres to be repaired or replaced will likely have Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems fitted and these valves and sensors.

What is a TPMS? (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which is a valuable safety feature which has been required to be fitted on all passenger cars in the United Kingdom and EU since November 2014 and has been fitted to all vehicles in the United States since 2008.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system that monitors tyre air pressure and alerts the driver to the pressure in the vehicle tyres being adrift from the manufacturers recommended pressure by 25% or more.

Parts of the TPMS system are usually integrated into the car’s electronic control system and a light on the dashboard often accompanied by an alert noise will indicate to the vehicle user that there is an issue.

What is the purpose of a TPMS system?

The main purpose of a TPMS is to warn the driver when tyre pressure is too low, usually, this indicates that the pressure dropped below a minimum tolerance level or by a 25% or larger deviation from the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.  

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure helps to prevent uneven tyre wear, and potential tyre blowouts but also helps to improve fuel efficiency and both ride and steering comfort.

Is TPMS required when replacing tyres?

The law states that all passenger cars in the United Kingdom and EU since November 2014 must be fitted with some form of TPMS system.  This may be direct or indirect, though most commonly in the UK the direct TPMS system is fitted to vehicles, and this has to be maintained or replaced when fitting tyres, or changing valves.

When a tyre is being removed, be sure to take extra care not to damage the TPMS monitor, as these can usually last without replacement for between 5 and 10 years or up to 100,000 miles but if suitable care is not taken they are easy to snag and break with a tyre iron for example, and the replacement can prove costly.

Want to know more?

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