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What is a 4-Post Lift Jacking beam?

A Jacking Beam for a 4-post lift is an adjustable, steel-framed hydraulic device designed to be used in combination with a 4-post lift, in order to lift a vehicle further upwards from the platforms of the 4-post lift.  Jacking beams usually consist of two supporting arms connected to the main body of the jack and are operated either manually or electronically.

The jacking beam for a 4-post lift sits underneath the vehicle, has rollers to move it to the appropriate jacking point, and is connected to the 4-post lift in one of 3 different ways

  • Sitting on top of the 4 post lift platforms
  • Secured within the jacking beam gutter
  • Some run along rails connected to the inside of the 4 post-lift platforms

What is an Inspection Pit Jacking beam?

An Inspection Pit Jacking beam or Pit Jack is a piece of equipment that is operated from within the garage inspection pit to lift a vehicle off the floor to allow access to the wheels, tyres and suspension components.

In the same way, as the 4-post lift Jacking Beam, it allows mechanics to raise a vehicle from the garage floor and gives them a little more vehicle height, whilst maintaining a secure and stable platform for working on the underside of the vehicle.

How do you use a jacking beam?

Jacking beams are usually roller mounted, and they can be placed on top at the end of the 4 Post Lift or Scissor Lift spanning the 2 platforms and either rolled under the vehicle, or the vehicle can be driven onto the 4 Post Lift or Scissor Lift with the jacking beam already in place.

The jacking beam can be adjusted to meet the jacking points on the car or vehicle and allows the front or rear of the vehicle to be raised from the 4 Post Lift or Scissor Lift itself, the advantage of this can be used, for example, to remove wheels from a car whilst it’s on the 4 Post Lift or Scissor Lift.

Rules for Jacking beams in the UK

Some rules, sizes and capacity will differ on jacking beams supplied from, or for use in different countries, so be aware of the below rules to ensure you have the correct jacking beam for your intended use, and for correct safety within the garage or MOT Bay

  • UK Jacking beams must be a minimum of 1600mm in width (note in Europe it’s 1400mm so beware of inappropriate imports)
  • For class 4 MOT – The jacking beam must have a minimum 1.5-ton lifting capacity
  • For class 7 MOT – The jacking beam must have a minimum 2.6-ton lifting capacity

Learn more about Jacking Beams

Read the full Concept Garage Equipment blog about jacking beams for more information: https://concept-ge.co.uk/learn-about-jacking-beams/

Help with your Jacking Beam purchase

Concept Garage Equipment can supply a complete range of Jacking Beams for garages and MOT Bays, for both Vehicle Lifts and Inspection Pits. Our models range from Jacking Beams for cars, to LCV and HGV, and we can supply both manual and automatic air hydraulic jacking beams for both 4 Post Lifts and Inspection pits, built to UK regulations for both weight and size.

We can offer you advice over the phone at 0113 469 0572, help with choosing the correct jacking beam or lifting solution as well as full on-site MOT Bay design, MOT Bay Project Management, and MOT equipment supply and installation. 

Call either Andy or Sharon at Concept Garage Equipment today on 0113 469 0572 today, we are here to help.