HGV/PSV (DVSA ATF sites) Roller brake testers update program.


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The timeline for DVSA ATF’s to fully comply with the latest testing software update has been extended to June 2024 (Previously December 2023). All ATF’s are to have the new testing ability / software installed and compliant with the requirements by the 30th June 2024. It is anticipated that many equipment supplier will look to install the update whilst on site doing routine maintenance / calibration work. Note this is a sizable update on the software requirements of these brake testers and as such you should check with your equipment supplier if your product can be updated, if it will require any hardware updates (ie: new PC operating system etc. ) and all the potential costs which may be involved in remaining compliant to the testing standards. A list of all GEA members who supply / support ATF roller brake testers can be found in the “Members Directory”