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Andy Davidson being awarded the National Police Public Bravery AwardAndy Davidson, the National Sales Manager for Concept Garage Equipment, and a proud member of the Garage Equipment Association was contacted recently by The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and they have since awarded him a National Police Public Bravery Award at a ceremony at Bishopgarth House in Wakefield.On the 5th of December 2018, on his way to measure up for a customer MOT Bay, Andy saw a burning car on the M62 in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  Without thought for his own safety, he rescued a mother and her baby from the burning vehicle and contacted the emergency services.In Andy’s own words this is what happened on the day:“On my way up the M62 in West Yorkshire to an appointment to measure up for a customer’s new MOT Bay in 2018, I came across a vehicle stationary on the hard shoulder in the distance.  It was a cold December morning and just getting light. As I got closer I noticed a glow from under the car and didn’t realise what it was until I got closer. I realised it was a flame coming from near the fuel tank at the back of the car. It was very cold and I thought that whoever this is will be cold sitting on the grass verge, but as I drove past I couldn’t see anyone. As I just passed the car I noticed that there was a young girl on her phone in the front driver’s seat. She clearly didn’t know what was going on and didn’t know the car was on fire. Pulling across the motorway from lane 3 into the hard shoulder I reversed as far back as I could. I ran down the motorway to let her know that she was in danger. By now the back of the car was completely engulfed in flames. As I helped her out I looked into the back seat and saw a small baby asleep in a car seat. I unlocked the seatbelt, grabbed the baby, and ran away from the car. About 30 seconds later the car exploded across the motorway! I called the emergency services and waited for the police, fire brigade, and ambulance to turn up. They arrived extremely quickly and they took the girl and baby into the back of the ambulance. The girl was treated for shock, and both were wrapped in a foil blanket. I was called later that day to let me know that both were fine, and they were safely at home being taken care of by their family. 12 months later I received a letter from West Yorkshire police, they told me that I was to be awarded a Police Public Bravery Award, for which I have since very gratefully received.”Concept Garage Equipment is immensely proud of Andy for his actions and this well-deserved award is a testament to the care and consideration given by Concept Garage Equipment to Garage Owners up and down the country every day.We care about people, giving the right advice, and customer care is paramount to our company core values, and Andy demonstrated this in no small way on that fateful December morning.

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