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Garage equipment installation at Biffa Anglesey now complete


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CCS Garage Equipment has completed Phase 2 of our garage equipment installation project for Biffa\’s Anglesey depot in North Wales.
CCS\’ garage equipment installation team has now completed its project at Biffa\’s Anglesey depot, an important hub for our client\’s services in North Wales which has been refitted with a suite of new equipment to service the organisation\’s RCV fleet.

Phase 2 of CCS’ garage equipment installation for Biffa Anglesey now complete

Having completed phase 1 earlier this year, CCS has now completed work on-site in Anglesey. In addition to a new 13m prefabricated steel pit, CCS has now added:
  • Specialist roller brake testers for heavy commercial vehicles, measuring time lag, braking force, bind, ovality and imbalance
  • Samoa hose reels for lubrication handling and compressed air
  • Complete set of mobile column lifts

Mobile column lifts providing versatile vehicle lift systems for Biffa Anglesey

The use of space in any vehicle workshop environment needs to be efficient, allowing for flexibility and accommodating growing vehicle fleets, whilst ensuring a safe working area for operation teams.Mobile column lifts make an excellent, highly flexible option. Fast charging, and saving space when not in use, mobile lift technology can be moved around the workshop floor as required and with the connectivity of up to 32 units in configuration, lifts can be used for vehicles from Biffa\’s RCVs up to highly specialised HGVs and airport vehicles.Mobile column lifts were a great option for Biffa Anglesey, enabling the client to get maximum operational use out of its floor space and creating a flexible lift system when vehicle access is required.

Commercial garage equipment installation by CCS Garage Equipment in the UK & Ireland

CCS is a leading garage equipment specialist operating throughout the UK and Ireland, completing garage equipment installation projects for commercial workshops ranging from the local authority and refuse handling operators to emergency services maintenance facilities, airports and logistics organisations.Our complete garage equipment installation services include consultancy and design of bespoke workshops, working alongside builders, architects and end-users to develop operationally efficient, safe and versatile workshops that will grow with our client organisations. Supply and installation of market-leading equipment are supported by the full commission and team training, ensuring the safe operation of your new garage equipment that gets the most out of your investment.Working throughout the UK and Ireland, CCS\’s specialist garage equipment installation engineers reach your site easily, delivering an innovative workshop that\’s built to last.Contact our team to find out more about CCS Garage Equipment.