Following the UK Garage & Bodyshop Event 2022, Snap-on is assisting the sector in “levelling-up” abilities.


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Snap-on Diagnostics is dedicated to developing products that enable aftermarket technicians to stay current and work on advanced automotive systems. 

Snap-on has been developing programmes and products as part of its strategic planning to assist their clients with the new technology that is entering the market. As anticipated, at the exhibition, there was a significant change in the type of visitors that were visiting to learn more about the EV training, equipment, and technology that will soon be required in every garage. To meet the demands of this cutting-edge technology, Snap-on is helping garages modernise their services and giving technicians’ the skills need to match these demands. 

We are all aware that the year 2030 marks the end of the manufacturing of new gasoline and diesel automobiles and the beginning of the era of alternative fuel vehicles. Snap-on wants to do everything it can to support aftermarket technicians’ success by arming them with the information and tools they need to work on the newest car systems because servicing those vehicles requires specialised training. 

In accordance with current trends, the IMI anticipates a shortage of about 35,000 experienced technicians by 2030, with 2026 serving as the tipping point for the skill gap. According to Snap-on, technicians should get ready for this as soon as possible. 

With their Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement, Snap-on and the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) have collaborated to provide technicians with the greatest training available. This certification is made for experienced mechanics who wish to acquire the technical know-how and practical abilities required to handle electric and hybrid car systems safely. 

A skilled team from the industry delivers the Snap-on curriculum in state-of-the-art classrooms and hands-on learning environments. This training course equips personnel with the abilities and know-how required to earn an industry-recognised credential and master the high-voltage systems used in hybrid and electric cars. To learn more about Snap-on EV training, click here