DVSA MOT manual update (classes 1&2)


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MOT inspection manual: motorcycles

Page summary:
Inspection processes and rules for motorcycle, scooter, moped and motorcycle combination (class 1 and 2 vehicle) MOT tests.

Change made:
Introduction – Introduction – 2. Application (Classes 1 and 2) – Bullet point 1 changed from ‘Class 1 – motorcycle or motorcycle and sidecar up to 200cc’ to ‘Class 1 – motorcycles or motorcycle combinations up to 200cc and motorcycles with not more than 4kW maximum continuous rated power and a maximum design speed up to 45km/h (28mph) – Category L1, L3 and L4’Introduction – 2. Application (Classes 1 and 2) – Bullet point 2 changed from – ‘Class 2 – all motorcycles or motorcycle and sidecar combinations including Class 1’ to ‘Class 2 – all motorcycles or motorcycle combinations other than those in category L1’Introduction – 2. Application (Classes 1 and 2) – Removed sentence ‘Classes 1 and 2 both include categories L1, L3 or L4’Introduction – 17. Retest following failure – Bullet point added ‘carry out another brake performance test and record the results in the MOT testing service, where the braking system may have been affected by the repairs’

Time updated:
11:38 am, 2 March 2022