DFT / DVSA MOT of the future consultation


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The anticipated government consultation on the future of the MOT has now been officially released to the public.

This consultation does not only look at the testing frequency as first raised last year by Grant Shapps in the houses of commons as a cost saving initiative but also looking at the much bigger picture of what the MOT needs to do for the future, considering changing technologies in vehicles and potently more autonomous vehicles on the road and what does a modern MOT test station need to look like, what equipment will it need and what staff / qualifications will they need to operate correctly

We strongly recommend anybody who is involved in the MOT testing market to read the consultation documents and respond back to the government.

The consultation closes in approx.6 weeks.

Below is the link to the .gov website for the full consultation document


Changes to the date of the first MOT test and research into other MOT enhancements – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)