Class 7 MOT bay dimensions


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If you are setting up, or upgrading your MOT Bay, it’s important to plan correctly, know what class of vehicle you plan to be MOT testing, and therefore the Class of MOT Bay you need to install The length of the MOT bay will be dependent on your choice of equipment, as well as the size, type and layout of the premises, and for this reason, we recommend a visit to your premises from one of our MOT experts to have your potential MOT Bay measured and planned out correctly along with advice and guidance on the MOT equipment that you will need for a Class 7 MOT Bay, along with any additional requirements you would like to include.

Class VII MOT Bays

Class VII MOT Bays are used for testing goods vehicles over 3,000kg and up to 3,500kg design gross weight to ensure these commercial vehicles are safe and fit to be driving on UK roads today including larger transit vans, lorries and trucks that are within this weight range.

Class 7 MOT Bay dimensions with MOT Ramp size requirements

Height requirement – This can be confusing at times so the easiest way to explain this is if you were to imagine a glass box around your MOT ramp. The glass box must be extended 500mm from the outer edges of each platform left and right, 500mm to the rear of the ramp and 1000mm out from the drive on the end of the ramp. This glass box must be 4800mm high. If that glass box fits where the ramp is to be installed, then the height is not a problem. If anything enters the glass box, this is a problem and may cause DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to reject your application. There may be a solution should you face this problem by using a slightly different configuration on the layout of the MOT bay, but this is dependent on the space available within your premises.

Other essential Class 7 MOT Bay dimensions to know

  • The overall width of a class 7 MOT bay is 4200mm
  • Vehicle entrances and exits must be at least 3200mm high by 3000mm wide. If part of the brake test standing area is outside of the door, then it must be at least 3500mm wide
  • Headroom over brake test standing area 3200mm
  • Brake test standing area width 4200mm
  • Brake test standing area length of 14000mm – This can be part of your ramp if the ramp is recessed into the floor and level with your roller brake tester

Class 7 MOT Bay dimensions with an Inspection Pit

Height requirement – When using a Pit instead of a ramp the height considerably reduces from 4800mm to 3200mm. The use of a pit may be the only option available to you if you don’t have the required height or width within your premises. Again, using the glass box to help, you will need to imagine your glass box 4200mm in width and 3200mm high the whole length of your MOT bay. If that glass box fits, then there is no issue.

Class 7 Inspection Pit size requirements

  • A working length of at least 6000mm
  • Minimum width of 760mm and not more than 1300mm over the working length measured across both pit walls
  • A depth of at least 1400mm and not more than 1800mm, over the working length
  • adequate access for personnel to enter the pit which does not intrude on the working dimensions
  • sealed to prevent the ingress of water

Essential Class 7 MOT Bay dimensions with inspection pit

  • The overall width of a class 7 MOT bay is 4200mm
  • Headroom over brake test standing area 3200mm
  • Brake test standing area width 3500mm
  • Brake test standing area length of 14000mm – Part of this can be on either side of your pit

We can help with the design of your Class 7 MOT Bay

Concept Garage Equipment engineers are experts in all classes of MOT Bay layout design and construction and can advise on, supply, install and can ensure that you and your mechanics are correctly trained on all garage and MOT Bay equipment anywhere in the UK, we can also supply MOT Bay Packages to suit your individual garage needs. Call us today on 0113 469 0572 or use our online contact form, and we will help you create the perfect MOT Bay for your business.