2 Post Lift Advantages in a Garage


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While there are various types available, a 2-post car lift stands out as an increasingly popular choice due to its numerous advantages. However, it is important to also consider the potential disadvantages associated with this type of lift, vs the alternatives depending on the intended usage.

Space Saving Design

First and foremost, a 2-post car lift offers unparalleled convenience in a garage setting. With its slender design and compact footprint, it takes up significantly less space compared to other types of lifts, or inspection pits. This is particularly advantageous in smaller independent garages or a home garage, where space is often at a premium. The ability to lift a vehicle without occupying excessive floor space allows for optimal utilisation of the garage, enabling mechanics to work on multiple vehicles per day, and have ample workspace for other tasks.

Easy Access

All garages, whether a business or home garage require efficient and reliable equipment to carry out the necessary inspections and repairs. With its sturdy construction and lifting capacity, a two-post car lift provides the ideal platform for mechanics to access all areas of a vehicle during any vehicle maintenance tasks. With the ability to lift the car from the ground by positioning the lift arms at the appropriate points on the chassis, it allows for a thorough examination all around the car including underneath and also full access to the wheels, braking and suspension components without the need for additional jacking beams, stands or ramps.  The ability to raise a vehicle to a comfortable working height provides mechanics with unrestricted access to the undercarriage, making regular tasks such as oil changes and car servicing much easier. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those who prefer to work in an upright position, reducing strain on the back and knees, and it also ensures compliance with safety standards.

2 Post Lifts for Wheel Alignment

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, with the correct vehicle wheel alignment system, 2 post car lifts also serve as excellent tools for wheel alignment procedures. Wheel alignment ensures that the wheels are properly aligned and parallel to each other, resulting in optimal tyre wear, improved handling, and enhance overall vehicle performance, but can be tricky to perform with the wheels on the ground. However, with a 2-post-car lift, mechanics can easily access the suspension components and make the necessary adjustments for wheel alignment with precision and accuracy. The ability to lift the vehicle off the ground provides a clear view and convenient access to the wheel assemblies, allowing for efficient alignment procedures. This feature is particularly advantageous for garages and automotive shops that offer wheel alignment services, as it saves time and enhances the quality of the alignment process, ultimately leading to a faster job, well done.

Versatile Lifting Capacity

Another notable advantage of a 2-post car lift is its versatility. This type of lift accommodates a wide range of vehicle sizes and shapes, from compact cars to SUVs and light trucks. The adjustable arms and lifting pads can be positioned to safely lift and support vehicles of varying dimensions, making them suitable for different automotive applications. This versatility extends to home garages as well, allowing car enthusiasts to work on various vehicles without the need for multiple lifts.

Low Cost of Ownership

Additionally, the installation and maintenance costs associated with a 2-post car lift are generally lower compared to other types of lifts. The simplicity of its design and the absence of complex hydraulic systems make it more affordable to purchase, install, and maintain. This cost-effectiveness is an attractive feature, especially for small businesses or individuals operating on a tight budget.

Power Options

The power options on a two-post lift also include both 1-phase 240v suitable for use in a standard or domestic power setup for home users and small garage owners, as well as 3-phase power for use within the more commercial garage setting.  Many 2-post lifts come with these power options at the time of order, so ensure you check you select the correctly powered lift before making your purchase.

Disadvantages of a 2-Post Lift

Despite its numerous advantages, it is essential to acknowledge the potential disadvantages of a 2-post car lift, over the alternatives. Firstly, this type of lift requires a suitable structural foundation. It must be securely anchored to the garage floor to withstand the weight and force exerted during lifting operations. And the floor must be of a suitable depth and construction to support the columns of a 2-post lift. Ensuring proper installation by a qualified professional is crucial to avoid any safety hazards. Furthermore, generally, a 2-post car lift requires 11 feet (or 3400mm) of height to allow installation and safe use, which may not be accommodated by some garages, particularly by some home garage users, hence always check the lift dimensions and talk to your supplier to check on this and any other restrictions before committing to your lift purchase and installation. Another drawback is the requirement for a certain level of expertise and caution when operating a 2-post car lift. Users must be well-trained and knowledgeable about the lift’s operation, safety protocols, and weight limits. The positioning of the car on the lift arms is critical and thus care must be taken to position the car correctly before lifting.  Mishandling, misalignment or exceeding the lift’s capacity can result in accidents, causing damage to the vehicle, and the lift itself, it may void your warranty and it could pose a risk to personal safety. If you are looking for a garage lift for your MOT Bay, be warned, although 2 post lifts are an excellent choice for garages for performing routine maintenance and inspections of vehicles, 2 post lifts cannot be used for UK MOT testing, as you will need an approved 4 Post lift for MOT testing.

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2-post car lifts offer significant advantages for garages and car enthusiasts alike. Its compact size, versatility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness make it an invaluable tool for lifting vehicles, maximising garage space, and facilitating efficient automotive maintenance and repair tasks. However, it is crucial to consider the potential disadvantages and ensure proper installation, training, and adherence to safety protocols to ensure optimal and safe usage of a 2-post car lift in a garage setting.  It may be that a scissor lift or 4-post lift could be a better choice depending on your unique circumstance, so please speak to us to assess your needs, and help you decide on the best car lift for you.

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