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🫧 Project Update: New commercial wash bay lift installed for Grundon Waste


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CCS has completed installation of a new, up-to-the-minute, 25T galvanised commercial vehicle wash bay lift for Grundon Waste at the company’s Slough depot.
Project Update: New galvanised commercial wash bay lift installed by CCS at Grundon Waste's Slough depotProject Update: New galvanised commercial wash bay lift installed by CCS at Grundon Waste’s Slough depot
Grundon Waste has invested in upgraded wash bay facilities at its Slough depot, supporting the organisation’s business waste management services for the Greater London region. With years of experience in working with waste management clients, CCS Garage Equipment professionally supported Grundon’s team throughout this installation, from identifying groundworks required, to the removal of old equipment and installation of a brand new, galvanised 25T Stertil Koni Skylift.

Garage equipment installation by CCS for Grundon’s major regional waste management depot

Established in 1929, family-owned Grundon delivers waste management and environmental services including waste collection, treatment, recovery, recycling and disposal, as well as specialist services for hazardous waste, special event waste management and industrial cleaning. State-of-the-art treatment facilities, including those at Grundon’s Slough depot located close to Heathrow Airport, offer comprehensive, modern and environmentally-conscious waste services. CCS’ garage equipment team worked with Grundon to complete the installation of new wash bay faciities in Slough, ensuring continued compliance for the client in the safe management of its extensive regional vehicle fleet, particularly its large number of RCVs.

Galvanised commercial vehicle wash bay lift installation by CCS

Grundon engaged CCS to replace its old wash bay ramp at the large Slough waste processing centre, upgrading facilities with installation of a galvanised 25-ton wash bay lift. The Stertil-Koni Skylift is an all-weather hydraulic lift, built with galvanised platforms and footplates, lift legs and feet. The lift features a heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating and a watertight control box, protecting this market-leading lift from damage caused by vehicle washing and, of course, the unpredictable British weather. Grundons new galvanised 25T wash bay lift by Stertil Koni Installed by CCS Garage Equipment, Grundon’s new, galvanised 25T wash bay lift by Stertil Koni allows the client’s vehicle maintenance team all-round vehicle access during wash-down and in preparation for MOT versatile all weather commercial vehicle wash bay lift This versatile, all-weather commercial vehicle wash bay lift is hard-wearing and designed to withstand heavy-duty use, with galvanised steel and watertight controls protecting the unit from water damage Grundons Slough depot to safely install test and commission the new Stertil Koni commercial vehicle wash bay lift CCS Garage Equipment’s installation engineers worked on site at Grundon’s Slough depot to safely install, test and commission the new Stertil Koni commercial vehicle wash bay lift, bringing this important investment for the site into use straight away

Leading commercial vehicle wash bay lifts by Stertil Koni, installed by CCS Garage Equipment

The Stertil Koni hydraulic Skylift is a high-specification, specialist wash bay lift by a leading global vehicle lift manufacturer. With versatile configurations to accommodate a huge range of heavy commercial vehicles and RCVs, the galvanised wash bay Skylift is recommended by CCS for its smart, durable design, its reliability and its versatility.

This commercial vehicle wash bay lift installed by CCS Garage Equipment includes standard features:

  • Tough, commercial, hydraulic wash bay lift that’s built to last
  • Touch-screen, watertight control box
  • Galvanised for long-lasting protection against damage from water and the elements
  • Anti-skid coating to platforms
  • Suitable for internal or external installation
  • Programmable lifting heights
  • Independent mechanical locking from 90mm above floor

Galvanised wash bay lifts & ramps for reliable vehicle wash-down & MOT preparation at your workshop

Commercial wash bay vehicle lifts and ramps supplied and installed by CCS Garage Equipment are fully galvanised, protecting lifts and controls from rusting and damage as a result of frequent use and external installation. Hydraulic commercial vehicle wash bay lifts, such as the Stertil Koni Skylift, are ideal for tighter spaces. Neat, baseframe-free footprints and safe scissor lift operation makes for excellent all-round vehicle access during wash down and MOT preparation. More on wash bay lifts from CCS Garage Equipment Galvanised wash down ramps are a reliable, static alternative to wash bay lifts. Suited to larger sites where more space is available to accommodate a longer footprint, ramps are bespoke-specified to suit many different commercial vehicles, featuring handrails and vehicle entry/exit platforms for safe access. More on wash down ramps from CCS Garage Equipment

Garage equipment installation for commercial workshops by CCS Garage Equipment

With 30 years’ industry experience in supporting commercial vehicle dealerships, fleet operators, waste management companies, local authorities, emergency services and many other sectors with commercial vehicle garage equipment installation services, CCS Garage Equipment’s specialist installation engineers create modern, efficient and safety-focused workshops and vehicle management sites throughout the UK and Ireland. LEEA and GEA-accredited, our garage equipment installation team works alongside architects, builders and end-user clients to develop bespoke, well-planned vehicle workshop and site installation layouts which increase capacity, enhance working environments and optimise safety standards. Our team selects garage equipment, including wash bay lifts and ramps, for robust construction, reliability and ease of use, specifying equipment only from tried and tested, trusted suppliers.

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