🔌 The EV Evolution: Choosing vehicle lifts for electric vehicles with CCS Garage Equipment & Nussbaum

Is your vehicle fleet changing to electric and hybrid? As the number of electric vehicles on the UK’s roads continues to grow, how well-prepared is your dealership or commercial workshop for the change? Check out our considerations when choosing vehicle lifts and equipment to service electric vehicles in your workshop.
The EV Evolution: Choosing vehicle lifts for electric vehicles with CCS Garage Equipment & NussbaumThe EV Evolution: Choosing vehicle lifts for electric vehicles with CCS Garage Equipment & Nussbaum
According to research by Zap-Map, over 690,000 battery-electric vehicles were operating in the UK at the end of February 2023, with 12,310 new BEV registrations in February 2023 alone – 16.5% of all new car registrations that month. And the growth isn’t just in private motor vehicles. 2022 saw record numbers of electric van registrations, with just under 17,000 taking to the road over the year and representing growth of 30% year-on-year. With electric vehicles now firmly here to stay, dealership, car and commercial vehicle workshops need to be prepared for their routine servicing and maintenance. Are you equipped to lift vehicles safely and efficiently?

Lifting electric vehicles safely in your dealership or commercial vehicle workshop

You’ll need to consider some additional factors when choosing vehicle lifts and lifting electric vehicles in your workshop:
  • Are you able to freely access, remove and replace the battery pack when the vehicle is lifted?
  • Do you still need to be able to lift combustion engine vehicles as well as electric vehicles to accommodate your vehicle range or commercial vehicle fleet?
  • Are you able to service other vehicle components, for example brakes, suspension, oil and coolant?
  • Do you need to use your lift for wheel alignment and tyre servicing?
  • Does your workshop carry out body repairs while vehicles are lifted?
Standard vehicle lifts often obstruct access to the battery pack once the vehicle is lifted, and an incorrect lift model could even damage the battery or other components of an EV. We recommend reviewing your workshop’s operations to identify where you will need to add or vary your lifting capacity and equipment, including equipment required to handle battery packs, to accommodate the servicing of electric vehicles where necessary. Electric vehicle lift by Nussbaum supplied and fitted by CCS UK Electric vehicle lifted on Nussbaum fixed 2-post lift featuring adapted lifting arms for EVs & PHEVs Electric Vehicle on 2 post lift garage equipment installation by CCS Nussbaum’s fixed 2-post lift accommodates the different lifting requirements of EVs & PHEVs, with adapted lifting arms that allow free access to the vehicle battery pack & other components Vehicle lift adapters on Nussbaum 2 post electric vehicle lift Vehicle lift adapters on the Nussbaum 2-post Power Lift correctly positioned before the electric vehicle is lifted

What’s different about lifting electric vehicles?

Lifting EVs in your workshop? Safe lifting of electric vehicles needs some extra consideration. Be sure to think about:
  • Your vehicle lift’s weight capacity EVs tend to be heavier than comparable combustion engine vehicles due to the weight of the battery pack, which can reach 500-1200kg. Are your vehicle lifts able to safely accommodate the increased vehicle weight?
  • The weight distribution of vehicles on your vehicle lift The centre of gravity on electric vehicles is often different to similar combustion engine models. The position of the battery pack, motors and inverters often changes the centre of gravity, requiring different positioning of the vehicle on the arms of a 2-post lift. Your vehicle lift’s technical specification should state the designated weight distribution of your lift.
  • The work your team needs to undertake while vehicles are lifted Consider what you’ll need to be able to access on each vehicle as it’s lifted, from battery packs to wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension and body work.
  • The ease of removal and replacement of a vehicle’s battery Positioning of the battery requires precision and easy manoeuvrability. Mechanical vehicle lifts offer good precision, protecting vehicles and valuable batteries whilst offering efficient handling of batteries for your team.
  • Could you adapt an existing Nussbaum lift? Nussbaum technology is versatile, and the brand’s specialised, adaptable arms and accessories are suitable for retrofit and use across existing 2-column lifts. Whether you’re lifting low profile sports vehicles, SUVs or EVs, CCS’ team will advise as to cost-efficient upgrades you may be able to make to your existing lifts which will prepare your workshop for the EV evolution.
CCS Garage Equipment’s engineer team is on hand to discuss your workshop’s operations with you, creating safe lifting systems with reliable technologies, backed by training, inspections and ongoing maintenance, to keep your workshop operating efficiently as vehicle fleets and models change.

Choosing the right vehicle lift installation for your workshop

As an employer or operator of a vehicle servicing and maintenance workshop, whether for a dealership or commercial vehicle fleets, you must provide safe, suitable equipment for the work being undertaken. Regulations require you to consider the type of work being carried out, the associated safety risks and what your team needs in order to reduce, minimise or remove risk. Garage equipment and vehicle lift consultancy with CCS will help your workshop and team prepare for the evolution of the industry to electric vehicles, installing robust vehicle lifts which get the job done.

Professional electric vehicle lift installation by CCS Garage Equipment

With 30 years’ industry experience in supporting car and commercial vehicle dealerships, fleet operators, local authorities, emergency services and many other sectors with vehicle lift installation services, CCS Garage Equipment’s specialist vehicle lift installation engineers create modern, efficient and safety-focused workshops throughout the UK and Ireland. LEEA and GEA-accredited, our vehicle lift installation team works alongside architects, builders and end-user clients to develop bespoke, well-planned vehicle workshop and vehicle lift installation layouts, including those accommodating electric and hybrid vehicles, which increase capacity, enhance working environments and optimise safety standards. Our team selects vehicle lifts suitable for electric vehicles, including those by world-class manufacturer Nussbaum, for their robust construction, reliability and ease of use.

Contact CCS Garage Equipment to discuss your electric vehicle lift installation project!