🏍️ Workshop guide by CCS: Choosing motorcycle vehicle lifts for your garage equipment installation project


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From motorcycle retail dealerships to motorcycle fleet operators in the emergency services, vehicle hire, courier and motorsport sectors, vehicle maintenance workshops require specialist equipment, including bespoke motorcycle lift installation, for the professional servicing of motorcycles that keeps vehicles and riders safely on the road.

🏍️ Workshop guide by CCS: Choosing motorcycle vehicle lifts for your garage equipment installation project

🏍️ Workshop guide by CCS: Choosing motorcycle vehicle lifts for your garage equipment installation project

CCS Garage Equipment’s experienced engineer teams across the UK and Ireland install motorcycle vehicle lifts in dealership and motorcyle operators’ workshops of all sizes. This guide helps you to choose the right motorcycle vehicle lift for your workshop. 

What to consider when choosing motorcycle vehicle lifts for your garage equipment installation

Reliable, heard-wearing and user-friendly motorcycle vehicle lifts support the professional maintenance, repair and servicing of motorcycles across any sector.

Whether you’re working with marque ranges by leading manufacturers, or operate and maintain a fleet of motorcycles for public and emergency services or commercial use, you’ll need to consider a number of points when looking to invest in a new motorcycle vehicle lift, including:

  • Where will your motorcycle vehicle lift be installed?

When designing your garage equipment installation, CCS Garage Equipment will consider the most appropriate positioning for your motorcycle vehicle lift, ensuring that your motorcycle lift model is suited to your workshop space.

In particular, at the start of your garage equipment installation project we’ll consult with you and your workshop team about how you manage your workshop’s workflow, access required to the vehicle lift for motorcycles and your team, headroom and workshop ceiling height, access to tooling and ancillary services, and the types of motorcycles you’ll be servicing on the lift.

We’d always recommend choosing a motorcycle lift that allows your team to work on vehicles at a comfortable height, reducing bending or leaning to ensure safe and compliant workshop spaces.

  • What sort of work does your motorcycle vehicle lift need to handle once installed?

Motorcycle vehicle lifts are available in a huge range of sizes and load capacities, and choosing the right motorcycle lift for your garage equipment installation will depend on the vehicles your lift needs to handle and the workload you expect to put the lift through.

If you expect only to use your motorcycle lift occasionally – perhaps your fleet only contains one or two vehicles – then this may impact on your garage equipment installation’s vehicle lift budget and therefore the motorcycle lift you choose.

However, if you’re a busy, dedicated motorcycle dealership working across a range of vehicle sizes, or a fleet operator with numerous motorcycles, such as a Police force, you may need a more robust and hardwearing model with excellent reliability that ensures the motorcycle lift will manage your workshop’s demand.

  • How do you want to operate your new motorcycle vehicle lift?

Motorcycle lifts are generally electro-hydraulic or pneumatically-operated. Vehicle lift models may be operated by a foot pedal, although most professional lifts specified and installed by CCS Garage Equipment use remote control for safe and simple user operation.

Safety systems in motorcycle vehicle lifts may be mechanical or automatic; CCS Garage Equipment will generally specify automatic safety mechanisms for professional garage equipment installation projects, ensuring that safety features are always active during operation and not reliant on manual input.

  • Will your motorcycle vehicle lift installation be recessed or floor-mounted?

CCS installs both recessed motorcycle vehicle lifts and floor-mounted lifts, depending on our client’s workshop structural features, motorcycle lift model and available space. 

Recessed vehicle lifts require floor modifications but, once motorcycle lifts are installed, offer more usable space in smaller workshops as technicians and vehicles encounter fewer obstructions when moving around. Floor-mounted motorcycle lifts require fewer floor modifications and groundworks, but do require a dedicated space in your workshop. You may choose a low-profile motorcycle lift model that sits close to the floor when not in use, with a retractable ramp for safe loading and unloading of the lift.   

Marolo 1200 Motorcycle lift garage equipment installation South London

Types of motorcycle vehicle lifts installed by CCS Garage Equipment for dealership & motorcycle operator workshops

CCS Garage Equipment has installed different motorcycle vehicle lifts across our garage equipment installation portfolio according to client budget, need and brand specification.

At the start of your garage equipment installation project, we’ll work with you to identify the motorcycle vehicle lift best suited to your workshop, choosing vehicle lifts from options including:

Hydraulic motorcycle vehicle lifts

CCS Garage Equipment generally recommends hydraulic motorcycle lifts as part of our garage equipment installation projects for dealerships and large fleet operators, offering robust and hardwearing motorcycle lifting for busy workshops through reliable equipment that can withstand heavy use.

These popular motorcycle lifts are strong and stable, with excellent load capacities and precision-lifting through remote control operation. Hydraulic motorcycle lifts, such as those by leading manufacturers Marolo, are recommended, specified and used by global motoring and motorcycle brands including BMW Motorrad. 

Pneumatic motorcycle vehicle lifts

Although often offering a lower load capacity, pneumatic motorcycle lifts may still be a reliable motorcycle lift option for busy workshops, using compressed air to lift the vehicle rather than hydraulic fluid.

Pneumatic motorcycle lifts are popular amongst dealership and repair workshop clients, with Marolo now offering a pneumatic lift suitable for lifting electric bikes up to a load capacity of 400KG, as well as a recessed pneumatic lift option allowing for greater working floor area.    

Scissor lifts for motorcycles

A great option for workshops where space is tight, scissor lifts for motorcycles allow for freedom to move around the motorcycle when in use but retract neatly to allow for more operational workshop space when awaiting the next job.

Scissor lifts are generally more suited to the handling of smaller, lighter motorcycles and for workshops not routinely or frequently servicing motorcycles as a result of their hydraulic foot pedal operation.  

Marolo motorcycle lifts installed in the UK

Motorcycle lifts for garage equipment installation projects in the UK & Ireland by CCS

CCS is a garage equipment leader in the UK and Ireland, supporting clients including major dealership chains, local authorities, emergency services fleet operators, vehicle hire organisations and service providers with expert motorcycle vehicle lift and garage equipment supply, installation, maintenance, servicing, calibration, inspection and testing services.

Since 1992, we’ve partnered with clients to keep motorcycle dealership and motorcycle fleet maintenance workshops operating safely and efficiently, delivering support, advice and consultancy that’s backed by years of unique vehicle lift and garage equipment industry experience.

We’re trusted by clients including BMW Motorrad Park Lane and Merseyside Police to install motorcycle vehice lifts that create safe and functional workshops, and we thrive on continually excellent feedback.

Install motorcycle vehicle lifts with CCS Garage Equipment for your motorcycle maintenance & servicing workshop