🏍️ New motorcycle lift installation for BMW Motorrad Park Lane’s workshop, London


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CCS Garage Equipment has installed a new Marolo motorcycle lift for BMW Motorrad Park Lane at the brand’s servicing centre in Battersea, South London.

🏍️ New motorcycle lift installed by CCS Garage Equipment for BMW Motorrad Park Lane's servicing workshop in Battersea, South London

🏍️ New motorcycle lift installed by CCS Garage Equipment for BMW Motorrad Park Lane’s servicing workshop in Battersea, South London

BMW Motorrad is BMW’s motorcycle brand and division. Manufacturing motorcycles since 1923, the brand celebrated its centenary in 2023 and remains at the forefront of motorcycle design and production worldwide.

Based in central London, BMW Motorrad Park Lane is the home of BMW motorcycle retail in London and the South East. Sales and showroom facilities on the city’s iconic Park Lane for both cars and motorcycles are supported by the business’s servicing centre and workshop in Battersea, South London.

CCS Garage Equipment was appointed a number of years ago to design and install this extensive workshop for BMW Park Lane across two phases, including both an original 18-bay workshop together with a 14-bay extension.    

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Our garage equipment installation engineers have recently returned to this busy workshop in Battersea, South London, to install a new motorcycle lift, supporting the servicing needs of Motorrad customers with specialist equipment.


Installation of Marolo motorcycle lift for BMW Motorrad Park Lane by CCS Garage Equipment

Specialist French garage and workshop equipment manufacturer Marolo was selected by CCS as our garage equipment supplier for this project. Operating since 1958, the brand is utilised in workshops worldwide for the servicing and maintenance of vehicles including motorcycles, landscaping and outdoor power equipment, and marine equipment.

Heavy-duty, reliable, user-friendly and built to exceptional quality standards, Marolo equipment is versatile and comes recommended by BMW Motorrad for the brand’s workshops globally.

CCS’ garage equipment installation engineers completed professional installation of this new Marolo, Motorrad-approved motorcycle lift, fully-tested the equipment and updated the client’s workshop team on its operational features to ensure safe and efficient use of the motorcycle lift in the coming years.

This Marolo ML1200 motorcycle lift, installed by CCS for BMW Motorrad Park Lane in London, features:

  • Hydraulic pump-powered motorcycle lift, suitable for heavier motorcycle vehicles
  • ML 1200 model, with a maximum working height of 1200mm and 2200mm-long platform 
  • Reinforced platform with anti-skid chequered plate and raised edges
  • Weight capacity of 600KG
  • Wide, fully-automatic and reinforced run-up ramp
  • Wheel maintenance access via ‘trap doors’ to the front and rear of the lift
  • Automatic safety system when lift is in operation
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Integrated electro-hydraulic pump
  • Remote control operation
  • Pneumatic connection for additional tools
  • Choice of colourways

Marolo lifts are also available in pneumatic models, with a complete range of accessories and additional tools to customise your workshop’s motorcycle lift. 

📸 Completed motorcycle lift installation by CCS Garage Equipment

Hydraulic Marolo Motorcycle lift BMW dealership South London

1. BMW Motorrad Park Lane’s new hydraulic Marolo motorcycle lift, installed at the dealership’s Battersea service centre in South London by CCS Garage Equipment to complement this extensive vehicle and motorcycle workshop.

Hydraulic Pump Powered Motorcycle Lift South London Dealership

2. The new motorcycle lift being tested prior to commission in the BMW Motorrad Park Lane servicing workshop in London. This leading hydraulic pump-powered motorcycle lift, installed by CCS Garage Equipment, reaches a height of 1200mm to offer excellent all-round vehicle access for workshop teams, with a wide platform and run-up ramp, and built-in safety mechanisms for the safe and versatile operation of the lift that suits vehicles across the Motorrad range.

Marolo 1200 Motorcycle lift garage equipment installation South London

3. The addition of the new Marolo ML1200 motorcycle lift complements our existing garage equipment installation for BMW Park Lane’s extensive servicing workshop in Battersea, London, which serves both car and motorcycle customers – including the servicing and maintenance of Police force vehicles – across the South East. This sleek, low-profile vehicle lift is installed alongside a suite of other ML1200 motorcycle lifts to offer additional capacity.

Marolo motorcycle lifts installed in South London

4. CCS installs garage equipment, vehicle lifts and ancillary services by leading suppliers for dealership clients across the UK and Ireland, creating safe, efficient workshops with generous operational capacity. Marolo motorcycle lifts are recommended by BMW Motorrad globally for their durability, reliability and safe, user-friendly operation, and CCS Garage Equipment was pleased to add this latest piece of equipment to BMW Park Lane’s suite of vehicle and motorcycle lifts in the large South London workshop.

Heavy Duty run up ramp for Marolo Motorcycle

5. A wide, heavy-duty run-up ramp fitted to the Marolo motorcycle vehicle lift installed by CCS Garage Equipment affords safe and easy vehicle access for motorcycles during servicing and maintenance, making this lift suitable for vehicles across the BMW Motorrad range. 

Garage equipment installation in London managed by our UK-wide CCS specialists

For over 30 years, CCS Garage Equipment has successfully delivered garage equipment installations for private car, motorcycle and light commercial dealerships throughout the UK and Ireland, backed by industry-leading experience and understanding of garage equipment and our clients’ dealership workshop operations.

With exceptional industry and regulatory understanding, and following garage equipment consultancy to deliver operationally efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art working spaces, CCS’ garage equipment installation teams create contemporary, operationally-efficient and future-proofed workshops for car and motorcycle dealership brands including Volvo, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Audi and many more.

WIth LEEA and GEA accreditations and a large team working throughout the UK and Ireland, garage equipment installation projects are driven by CCS’ eye-catching designs, versatile equipment and the highest of safety standards.

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