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Workshop Furniture Solutions

Making a workshop look a professional,  clean, tidy, efficient work-environment incorporating a thoughtfully laid out cabinetry solution is becoming a more common sight in new and refurbished workshops. With such a system, everyone gains:

For the Business:

  • You now own the look of your workshop. Gone are the green, blue, red, and orange cabinets dominating the workshop and restricting bench space.
  • You have the best-looking workshop in the area to make recruitment and retention easier.
  • Pre-sorted waste disposal
  • Improve safety. Reduce trip hazards and fluid spills
  • Enhance customer’s perceptions

For the Technician:

  • No need to buy your own tool cabinets to use at work- keep the cash in your pocket.
  • Increased security with unique locking.
  • Increase your productivity by having everything to hand.
  • Work cleaner – easier to tidy your workspace.
  • Organise your workspace – gain bench fitting area.


The available space in a workshop is at a premium, so lean on experts in the field to provide you with the optimum layout to suit your budget.  Much like in a fitted kitchen design, garages can also select from a list of modular cabinet options to find the perfect solution for their garage space and requirements. The layout of a workbench can be customised to suit the specific tasks being performed. A thoughtfully arranged workbench system can improve workflow.

Straightset, a leading garage equipment company, have been installing bespoke workbench solutions for over 35 years and offer a robust, well-designed selection of workbench storage solutions.

Cabinets include:

  • Single tool benches with drawers
  • Double tool benches with drawers
  • Single trash cabinets
  • Single storage cabinets
  • Glove and towel cabinets
  • 5 reel lubrication cabinets
  • Mobile solutions



High-quality workbenches that are built to withstand the rigors of commercial use.

  • Timber core worktops with metal overlay and EVA non-slip matting
  • 85 and 170 KG drawer capacities, full depth pull-out
  • Fluids and air dispensing cabinet with integrated, removable drip tray.
  • Adjustable levelling feet.
  • Adjustable kick strip
  • Customisable dado services line for power and data distribution


Straightset’s offers an easy to understand menu of storage solutions most commonly required in a garage. This carefully selected range offers choice and affordability. In addition, the premium Hand Tools manufacturer Bahco, have partnered with Straightset to bring their Automotive tool range to technicians looking for quality tools within their workshop or garage. Straightset can fit out tool draws with foam inlays with the right selection of tools required. Contact Straightset at [email protected] for more information about the workshop benching range available, or visit the website