Updated IVA Inspection manual for heavy vehicles.


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From 20 October 2023, some changes will take effect in the IVA inspection manual for heavy goods vehicles (N2 and N3)

What are the changes?

Changes have been made to the following sections:

  • Noise (section 01)
  • Fuel tanks (section 03a)
  • Rear registration plate space (section 04)
  • Indirect vision (section 08)
  • Seat strength (section 15)
  • Installation of lights (section 20)
  • Retro reflectors (section 21)
  • End-outline, position, stop, side, marker and daytime running lamps (section 22)
  • Direction indicators (section 23)
  • Headlamps (section 25)
  • Spray suppression (section 43)
  • Tyres (section 46)
  • Masses and dimensions (section 48a)
  • Electrical safety (section 69)
  • Glossary of terms

Some of the updates have been made as a result of changes in legislation.

These changes are explained in the ’release notes’ at the beginning of the manual (pages 3-4) and in the ‘Record of revision’ page for each section.


Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) inspection manual: lorries and goods vehicles