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What is a 4 post lift?

4-post lift is a type of automotive lift that consists of four posts that are positioned at the corners of the vehicle, with hydraulic jacks or other lifting mechanisms that are used to raise the vehicle. The vehicle is then supported by the lift, allowing mechanics to easily access the underside of the vehicle for maintenance or repair.

What is a 4-post lift good for?

Any time you need to work around or particularly under a vehicle a 4-post lift can help to make the job both easier and quicker without having to slide under a car that is raised on ramps, jacks or axle stands.

Some common uses for a 4-post lift include working on the exhaust system, changing the oil, changing tyres, checking and replacing brake pads and rotors, and performing general inspections of the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Another use for 4 post lifts is for wheel alignment, as 4 post lifts usually have the option to add alignment turn plates or specialist platforms for wheel alignment with recessed turn plates, that allow the steering wheel to be moved and the alignment of the wheels be adjusted while the car is still stationary on the 4 post vehicle lift.

How much ceiling height do you need for a 4-post lift?

To install a standard 4-post car lift you need a ceiling height of at least 11 feet (or 3400mm) to allow for the maximum height of the lift and a car that is parked on the platforms of the lift.
However, do check with your supplier for the particular lift dimensions and based on the types of vehicles you plan to be lifting before committing to your 4 post lift purchase to avoid any costly mistakes.

Find out more about four post car lifts

For more information read our full blog post, or to discuss your 4 post lifting requirements or just for some free advice on these please contact Andy at Concept Garage Equipment today on 0113 469 0572.