Snap-on® Introduces New SUN® 4000kg 4-Post Service Lift


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unveils the new SUN

The new SUN® SVL-40S 4-Post Service Lift, which has a rated lifting capability of 4000kg, is a 4-post electro-hydraulic service lift intended to improve workshop capabilities.

The SUN SVL-40S was created with a traditional 4-post design to meet the varied requirements of general repair workshops. The lifting platforms have dimensions of 4888 mm by 630 mm with a 915 mm aperture, allowing them to raise a wide range of vehicles, from small automobiles to light commercial trucks.

The SVL-40S, which has a 2.2kW motor and runs on a single-phase power source, is perfect for a variety of ordinary car repairs and service duties since it can raise weights between 180mm and 1830mm and has a maximum lifting capability of 4000kg.

The SVL-40S has a number of safety features, including mechanical ladder locks on each post to ensure safe platform ascent and descent. Additionally, a bell that sounds during the last descent stage to notify technicians that the lift is getting close to the ground further improves safety procedures. Raising, lowering, stopping, and an emergency isolation switch are all included in the user-friendly control console. The control panel, which runs on 24 volts, reduces electrical dangers and promotes a secure working environment for the professionals operating the lift. 

To view the full specifications and features of the SVL40-S Lift, click here.