Snap-on® has released a new battery lift for electric and hybrid vehicles


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electric and hybrid vehicles

A brand-new, mobile battery lifting table for electric and hybrid vehicles has been added to the range of garage equipment available from Snap-on through their SUN, John Bean and Hofmann branded products. 

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Lift is ideal for repair centres and dealerships that are accredited to service, repair, and replace battery systems on electric (EV and BEV) and Hybrid (HEV and PHEV) vehicles. 

Available now, the mobile lifting table features a dual-speed electro-hydraulic system that can lift loads up to 1200kg within a range of 800mm (min) and 1810mm (max height). The hand-held control device provides an easy way to accurately raise and lower loads. The suspended lifting platform, which has a width of 800mm and a length of 1741mm, may be extended by up to 325mm for a total length of 2066mm, allowing it to comfortably carry heavier loads. To increase flexibility and precision while positioning loads, the lifting platform can tilt up to 40mm and the lower platform can move up to 20mm laterally. 

For positioning and fixing components, the working table has 100mm x 100mm holes prepared for the pins and pads kit. The pins and pads can rotate 360 degrees and move up to 130mm laterally, giving you a lot of versatility and precision when it comes to fixing components. In addition, the lifting table can also be used to demount/mount the engine, gearbox, drive axle, fuel tank, and suspension of petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles.  

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Lift is the latest product to be added to the garage equipment range and is ideal for workshops looking to invest in equipment to service, repair, or replace battery systems in electric and hybrid vehicles.