Q.Lign Wheel Alignment system from Beissbarth is now VAG approved


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Q.Lign Wheel Alignment
  • Introducing the VAS 701011
  • Beissbarth Q.Lign 3D wheel alignment system now awarded Volkswagen Audi Group approval
  • Beissbarth alignment systems use only the data supplied by OEM vehicle manufacturers worldwide
  • No totem pole space required

The new Q.Lign system is a quantum leap in wheel aligner architecture, and now carries full approval status for all VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda / Cupra / Porsche/ Lamborghini / Bentley vehicles.

With this approval by VAG, dealers can be assured that they will have the benefit of a wheel alignment system that is both accurate and repeatable, along with having the very latest wheel alignment data and software as approved by the manufacturer from June 2024.

Ease of use, speed and accuracy were core requirements during Beissbarth’s development of the Q.Lign. It is the World’s First Web-based wheel aligner, being a compact web-based technology, it creates more space by replacing the need for trolley with PC & printer. It can stream to directly display the software on any TV, PC, laptop or Android device and can unleash the full power of connectivity by integrating into your daily workshop processes and systems.

With the inclusion of the Q.Grip clamps providing fast-clamping accuracy, the Q.Lign is able to display full alignment data from the vehicle instantly, together with an overview of the wheelbase, off-sets and wheel centre dimensions.

As today’s vehicles have some form of forward facing ADAS equipment installed, the Q.Lign is complimented both with the Q.DAS ADAS calibration rig and the VAS6430 rig which seamlessly integrates with the Q.Lign enabling the Q.Lign/ADAS rig combination to meet the high accuracy requirements of all OEMs.

When vehicle manufacturers grant approval to equipment manufacturers for specific equipment this indicates that it has been subjected to some exhaustive testing.

The VAS 701011 Q.Lign Wheel Alignment system is available through Straightset, with a special limited time promotional price with orders placed before 31st August 2024. To see the Q.Lign for yourself you can visit Straightset’s Wheel Alignment Training Studio, contact Straightset on [email protected] for more information.