NUSSBAUM Electromechanical Two-Post Lifts – SMART LIFT


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The Lift:Nussbaum electromechanical two-post lifts are characterised by a number of important technical aspects such as:– Bent steel columns for greater rigidity and to ensure maximum linearity of the supporting structure.– Columns and arms shot-blasted and powder-coated.– Rolled steel screw.– Main lifting nut made of Nylatron for less friction with the screw and consequent less wear and a long lifetime, resulting in an extremely low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).– Electronic synchronisation of lifting carriages.– Motors, electronic control unit and the optional energy set (220V power socket and quick coupling for compressed air) integrated in the columns for a clean, professional and elegant design.– Possibility of installing the lift with cables in the upper galvanised cable duct or under the floor.– Reduced footprint due to folded columns, optimising workshop space.– Maximum declared load capacity in any lifting condition (extended arms) and possibility of installation up to 200 mm wider without loss of load capacity.– Moulded pads with special shape for rainwater drainage and optimal grip on the pick up point for the maximum safety.– New new pickup pad concept with a plug-in adapter system– Specific baseframe, available as an accessory, if the floor does not meet the required minimum specifications.The Lifting arms:Nussbaum two-post lifts are available with different types of arms to meet every need. Nussbaum offers lifting solutions, not just lifts.– Standard arms: for 90% of vehicles on the road– Mini-Max arms: recommended for SUVs and off-road vehicles– SC (Sport Car) low profile arms: ideal for low-profile sports cars– EV arms: ideal for electric and hybrid cars– OTTO arms: the ultimate in versatility. Suitable for sports cars, electric cars, hybrid cars and all cars with internal combustion engines.– DG arms: for high capacity lifts (5 tonne and above) to reach 100% of the pick up points of all vehicles