MAHA UK MLT 3000 headlight tester ‘removes human error’ when judging headlight patterns


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Headlight Tester

Headlight technology has improved so much that it is now nigh-on impossible for the human eye to judge a headlight pattern and assess whether that headlight is in the correct position, according to MAHA UK Sales Manager, Nick Austin, but there is a product in MAHA UK’s arsenal that can do the job on the technician’s behalf.

The MAHA MLT 3000 is a digital headlight alignment tester, which can produce quick and reliable testing and results. Considering all legal limits and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications, the seven-inch touch screen ensures easy-to-use and intuitive menu navigation and a clear display of measurement values.

It features a dynamic camera, capable of capturing and digitising headlight projection, which then provides the user with a detailed analysis and summary. At OE level, VAG has approved the use of the MLT 3000 in its dealerships, such is the confidence it has in the equipment.

‘Removes human error’

Nick said that as technology has evolved and continues to develop, specifically with the prominence of matrix LED headlights in passenger vehicles, independent workshops can’t necessarily rely on technology that they’ve trusted for many years.

He explained: “On an aged headlight tester, it has a flat-line then a ‘kick’, to complement the design of the headlight, so that the light keeps low and doesn’t distract or impede drivers coming in the opposite direction.

“I am aware of some workshops that continue to use a 30-year-old headlight tester, mounted to the MOT bay, but that simply won’t do the job anymore – the lens won’t be capable of measuring the new matrix LED bulbs.

“On the MLT 3000, though, via camera technology, the electronic software can make the decision whether a headlight, irrespective of how many LEDs are present, is aligned correctly or not. It removes the possibility of human error from how people interpret what they’re seeing.”

The MLT 3000 is available as a single purchase but is also a EUROSYSTEM module that technicians can add to MAHA UK’s equipment, such as the MBT 7250 and MBT 2250 brake testers; what’s more, with indications that the next piece of ‘connected’ equipment to be introduced by the may well be headlight assessment, the MLT 3000 emphasises MAHA UK’s commitment to futureproofing workshop platforms.