Class 4 MOT Bay Requirements


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What vehicles are covered by a Class 4 MOT Bay?

This type of MOT Car is mostly used for cars, but can also be used for motor caravans, taxis and ambulance MOT testing, as well as passenger vehicles with up to 12 seats.

What Garage Equipment is Required for Class 4 MOT Bays?

To carry out MOT tests on cars and other Class 4 vehicles in the UK, you need to have an approved Class 4 M.O.T. Bay.

The inspection process and rules for cars & passenger vehicles (class 4 vehicles) MOT tests can be found in the DVSA “MOT Inspection Manual for Cars and Passenger Vehicles“. It includes requirements for equipment, and inspection procedures including supplementary tests for buses and coaches, as well as tests for structural integrity and corrosion.

Approved equipment requirements and recommendations for Class 4 MOT testing bays include

As well as the following to meet the minimum MOT testing service IT specification as set by the DVSA:

  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Printer

Bear in mind that any new garage, or garage that has changed ownership is required to add or upgrade to DVSA Approved Connected MOT Equipment.

MOT testing premises also require:

  • Proper lighting
  • Ample ventilation
  • Sufficient space for the testing area, and surrounding each piece of MOT testing equipment

MOT testing personnel requirements include

Other Equipment for Class 4 MOT Garages

  • Tyre Changer (recommended but not a Class 4 MOT Bay requirement)
  • Wheel Balancer (recommended but not a Class 4 MOT Bay requirement)

What are the Class 4 MOT bay dimensions?

The length of the Class 4 MOT Bay will depend on your choice of equipment and the size, type and layout of the premises.  You may prefer a lift over an inspection pit for example, or you may wish to have 2 lifts and one roller brake tester for maximum efficiency when performing multiple MOT tests.  For this reason, we recommend a visit to your premises from one of our MOT experts to have your potential MOT Bay measured and planned out correctly along with advice and guidance on the MOT equipment that you will need for a Class 4 MOT Bay, along with any additional requirements you would like to include.

However as a guide to the dimensions of your Class 4 MOT Bay:

Help with your Class 4 MOT Bay

If you are looking to set up a Class 4 MOT Bay for cars and passenger vehicles, or upgrading an existing Class 4 or Class 7 MOT Bay to include newer connected MOT equipment and need some information, helpful free advice or additional garage or MOT equipment give Concept Garage Equipment a call, we would love to help you get your Class 4 MOT Bay set up and paying for itself as soon as possible.

We can offer you advice over the phone at 0113 469 0572, we have Class 4 MOT equipment for sale online and over the phone, including delivery, installation and staff training in the correct use of the MOT Bay or garage equipment and can offer complete project management of your MOT Bay build, installation and training, we can remove all your headaches along the way. 

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