🔌 The EV Evolution: Leading lift technology for electric vehicles by Nussbaum & CCS Garage Equipment

As the drive towards electric vehicles continues across the globe, sales of EVs are ever-increasing. 2022 saw a 40% increase in new electric vehicle registrations in the UK – but is your dealership or commercial vehicle workshop equipped for the change? CCS Garage Equipment works with leading lift manufacturer Nussbaum to install reliable, robust and adapted 2-post vehicle lifts for electric vehicles.
The EV Evolution: Leading lift technology for electric vehicles from Nussbaum & CCS Garage EquipmentThe EV Evolution: Leading lift technology for electric vehicles from Nussbaum & CCS Garage Equipment
Need to adapt your workshop’s garage equipment installation and vehicle lifts to accommodate electric vehicles? Whether your workshop’s handling private EV and PHEV cars, electric light commercial vehicles or larger electric and hybrid trucks, it’s essential that your vehicle lifts can comfortably accommodate heavier vehicles without damaging the battery pack, chassis or other components once lifted.Nussbaum’s vehicle lift range includes adapted 2-post lifts suitable for the safe lifting of electric cars and light commercial vehicles. Which lifts will be most suitable for your servicing and maintenance operations, and how will CCS Garage Equipment support your workshop with vehicle lift installation for electric vehicles?

Vehicle lift installation that works hard for your workshop’s electric vehicle fleet

CCS Garage Equipment works with leading vehicle lift manufacturer Nussbaum to supply, install, commission and maintain vehicle lifts suitable for electric vehicles in dealership, private car and commercial vehicle workshops across the UK and Ireland.2-post fixed vehicle lift by Nussbaum for Electric Vehicles2-post fixed vehicle lift by Nussbaum featuring adapted lifting arms to accommodate electric vehicles & PHEVs Electric Vehicle lift by Nussbaum supplied and installed by CCSElectric vehicle lifted by Nussbaum 2-post lift, demonstrating the adapted lifting position underneath the vehicle to avoid damage to the battery packVehicle Lift Adapters underneath EV on Nussbaum 2 post lift supplied and fitted by CCSPositioning of vehicle lift adapters underneath the electric vehicle on the Nussbaum 2-post liftPositioning of electric vehicle on Nussbaum 2 post lift supplied and installed by CCSPositioning of electric vehicle on the adapted Nussbaum 2-post fixed vehicle lift, allowing for different weight distribution of EVs and PHEVs

2-post vehicle lift installation for electric vehicle servicing

2-post vehicle lifts are ideal for the lifting, servicing and maintenance of both electric and combustion engine vehicles. With freedom to access the underside of the vehicle, good lifting capacities, a frame-free base and adapable lifting arms, 2-post vehicle lifts accommodate a varied vehicle fleet, from EVs and PHEVs to standard combustion engine vehicles.Nussbaum’s 2-post vehicle lift technology delivers a robust, hard-wearing and reliable electric vehicle lift for dealership and light commercial vehicle workshops. Excellent versatility for your workshop is delivered with Nussbaum’s unique lifting arms and accessory range, designed to accommodate a huge range of vehicle and workshop needs.Designed and engineered by Nussbaum’s world-class vehicle lift development team, and supplied, installed and maintained by CCS Garage Equipment across the UK and Ireland, 2-post lifts and lifting arm technologies by Nussbaum have been expertly adapted to accommodate EVs, in particular maximising space underneath the vehicle to allow ease of access to the battery pack, together with brakes, suspension, wheels and tyres and other vehicle components.Nussbaum 2-post vehicle lifts for EVs include:
  • Adapted lifting arms to accommodate lower-profile, smaller and longer vehicles
  • Adapted lifting arms with double articulation, designed specifically to accommodate vehicles up to 4600kg (with 5500kg models on the way!)
  • Lifting pads and height adapters suitable for electric vehicles, protecting the battery pack, vehicle body and other vehicle components during lifting
  • Optional wheel fork adapters on double-jointed lifting arms, allowing the vehicle to be lifted on its wheels with free access to the underside
  • A range of vehicle lifting weight capacities
Powered by over 40 years of garage equipment engineering experience, Nussbaum vehicle lifts are some of the most popular models CCS installs. Benefiting from innovative functionality and versatility, 2-post vehicle lifts by Nussbaum are an excellent choice for busy workshops.2-post vehicle lifts by Nussbaum feature:
  • Hydraulic pistons and mechanical levelling system
  • Command control lever and standard push button control
  • Triple safety system, incorporating two redundant hydraulic circuits plus an automatic safety latch for smooth lifting and lowering
  • Fast lifting and lowering times
  • Versatile arms, adjustable and adapted to reach mounting points of a range of electric and combustion engine vehicles
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Door protection on columns
  • Integrated compressed air and 220V socket
  • Base frame-free design, allow for free, space-saving movement around the workshop and vehicle once lifted
  • Ergonomic, step-free operating lever
  • Optional riser pipe – services can also be laid underground during vehicle lift installation
  • Powder-coated columns and arms for protection against dirt and surface damage
Watch Nussbaum’s video for more information on its hydraulic 2-post Power Lift

Could I install a platform vehicle lift for servicing electric vehicles?

Drive-on platform vehicle lifts, such as a scissor lift or 4-post lift, are convenient and safe, with good lifting capacities.Whilst platform lift models offer good access to diagnostics, headlamps, wheel alignment and some other functions, engineers may find that access to brakes, suspension and the battery pack is obstructed by the lift platform.Not sure what you need? Contact CCS Garage Equipment for advice, help and expert recommendations in choosing vehicle lifts for electric vehicles.

Complete project management of your vehicle lift installation by CCS Garage Equipment

When you’re updating your vehicle lifts to accommodate electric vehicles in your dealership and vehicle servicing workshop, CCS Garage Equipment takes care of every aspect of your vehicle lift and garage equipment installation.Our design team works alongside architects, builders and statutory authorities to complete garage equipment and vehicle lift installation projects to an exceptionally high standard. Fully managed throughout by our own project managers, CCS delivers vehicle lift installation, servicing and testing which offers enhanced capacity, operational efficiency and improved safety, creating engaging workplaces and safe electric vehicle lifting systems for your vehicle mechanic team.

Professional vehicle lift installation for electric vehicles & PHEVs by CCS Garage Equipment

With 30 years’ industry experience in supporting car and commercial vehicle dealerships, fleet operators, local authorities, emergency services and many other sectors with vehicle lift installation services, CCS Garage Equipment’s specialist installation engineers create modern, efficient and safety-focused workshops throughout the UK and Ireland.LEEA and GEA-accredited, our vehicle lift installation team works alongside architects, builders and end-user clients to develop bespoke, well-planned vehicle workshop and vehicle lift installation layouts, including those accommodating electric vehicle fleets, which increase capacity, enhance working environments and optimise safety standards. Our team selects vehicle lifts from leading manufacturers including Nussbaum for their robust construction, reliability and ease of use.

Contact CCS Garage Equipment to discuss your EV & PHEV vehicle lift installation project!