🎥 Showcasing BMW Crewe’s new, state-of-the-art garage equipment installation


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CCS Garage Equipment recently completed its major garage equipment installation at Lookers BMW Mini’s refurbished dealership in Crewe. Check out the finished project in this new video!
Showcasing CCS' garage equipment installation for BMW Crewe's new, state-of-the-art workshop in CheshireShowcasing CCS’ garage equipment installation for BMW Crewe’s new, state-of-the-art workshop in Cheshire
Apppointed in late 2022, CCS Garage Equipment has now completed and handed over this impressive new workshop to our client, allowing its extended operations to get underway.

The existing BMW Mini dealership site has undergone a transformational £4.5m refurbishment in 2023, an investment which has created a major regional retail hub for the BMW Mini brand. A full redesign and refurbishment of the dealership and servicing facilities on site futureproofs equipment, accommodating the brand’s next generation of vehicles including the growing electric and hybrid ranges.

This sleek new showroom and servicing centre is contemporary, efficient to work in and safe to operate as a result of carefully-considered garage equipment consultancy, design and installation.

More on our garage equipment installation project for Lookers BMW, Crewe

CCS & Dura showcase BMW Crewe’s garage equipment installation

Produced by Dura in partnership with CCS Garage Equipment, this new video gives you a closer look at BMW Crewe’s new, fully-equipped workshop.

Thanks to the team at Dura for their production of this showcase video for BMW Crewe, highlighting workshop features including Dura’s bespoke workshop furniture, dedicated wheel alignment factilities, service bays, fully-integrated utilities and services.

BMW Crewe’s new garage equipment installation comprises:

  • Bespoke Dura workshop furniture, specified to include mobile small tool units that keep essential equipment within easy reach, and integrated EV charging points
  • Fixed 2-post vehicle lifts to 8 vehicle service bays
  • Dedicated wheel alignment bay, incorporating Hunter wheel alignment system
  • Class IV MOT bay
  • Compressed air, lubrication and LEV systems
  • Fresh and waste oil systems, including tanks and pipework

Garage equipment installation by CCS that creates a BMW dealership for the future

Turnkey vehicle servicing and maintenance workshop for Lookers BMW Mini, Crewe

This sleek, turnkey vehicle servicing and maintenance workshop for Lookers BMW Mini, Crewe, was designed by CCS Garage Equipment to include 8 vehicle servicing bays equipped with robust 2-post vehicle lifts

Fully-equipped vehicle servicing bays featuring 2-post vehicle lifts, dedicated wheel alignment bay with Hunter wheel alignment tehcnology, and Class IV MOT bay

Garage equipment installation is equipped with fully-integrated Dura workshop furniture

Every servicing bay in this garage equipment installation is equipped with fully-integrated Dura workshop furniture. Bespoke-specified by CCS Garage Equipment, furniture includes integrated power, utilities and EV charging points

Dura furniture for this state-of-the-art vehicle servicing workshop

Dura furniture for this state-of-the-art vehicle servicing workshop includes mobile small tool storage units which can be manoeuvred around the workshop floor by engineers, keeping essential tools close to hand

Integrated power and data ports compressed air and lubrication systems

An important feature of this garage equipment installation, integrated power and data ports, compressed air and lubrication systems, oil monitoring and mobile tool storage units make this bespoke Dura furniture work for the BMW Crewe workshop team

EV charging points are integrated throughout the workshop

BMW Crewe’s garage equipment installation design put the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles at the heart of the workshop. EV charging points are integrated throughout the workshop, ensuring the dealership is equipped to meet the demands of EV customers in the Cheshire region

2 post vehicle lifts installed by CCS Garage Equipment for BMW Crewe

Fixed 2-post vehicle lifts installed by CCS Garage Equipment for BMW Crewe offer generous lifting capacities to accommodate the extensive range of vehicles offered by the BMW brand, particularly electric and hybrid vehicles which tend to be heavier due to the weight of the battery

fully operational garage equipment installation by CCS

Fully-operational garage equipment installation by CCS incorporates Class IV MOT bays and dedicated wheel alignment bays, specifying the latest testing and wheel alignment technologies for reliability and accuracy

Complete garage equipment installation in Cheshire by CCS

CCS Garage Equipment managed the delivery of this turnkey workshop for Lookers BMW from start to finish. Professional consultancy informed our smart workshop design, before work moved on site managed by CCS’ experienced garage equipment installation engineers.

Supervised throughout by our dedicated project manager, our team supported the build of the refurbished and extended workshop with specialist groundworks and utilities installation. As the project progressed, CCS engineers installed brand new garage equipment including vehicle lifts, MOT bay and wheel alignment technology, fully testing all equipment and training the client team in its safe and efficient use prior to final commission.

Professional garage equipment installation for car dealerships by CCS Garage Equipment

For 30 years, CCS Garage Equipment has successfully delivered specialist garage equipment installations for private car and light commercial dealerships throughout the UK and Ireland.

Backed by exceptional industry and regulatory understanding, garage equipment consultancy to deliver operationally efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art working spaces, CCS’ garage equipment installation teams create contemporary, functional and future-proofed workshops for car dealership brands.

WIth LEEA and GEA accreditations and a large team working throughout the UK and Ireland, workshops are enhanced by CCS’ eye-catching designs, versatile equipment and optimal safety standards.

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